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deadreckoning6662987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

YAY..they deserve it. IMO, the PS3 the best home entertainment system ever. I can watch free episodes of Lost, Dexter, and 24 anytime I want =D

zeeshan2987d ago

How do you watch free episodes of Lost etc?

viperfx2987d ago

Ps3 does not have flash does it? So how can u watch TV lost and stuff on it? Im guessing you mean you download it and stream it. Cause that what i do. No lagg at all. Its the best feature of the ps3 i think. Media server FTW!

Heisenberg2987d ago

You can stream episodes of anything on the ps3, most players work on it, like Wisevid, Megavideo etc... I watch stuff on my Ps3 all the time, including Lost.

dalibor2987d ago

Z_Z to you to unrealgamer. But my question is I wonder what Ken Kutaragi thinks of the PS3 so far in it's life? Let's go broader what about Sony?

shadow27972987d ago

The article doesn't say anything about the PS3 turning a profit. To deduce that would be jumping to conclusions.

The only thing the article says is that despite cost reductions on PS3 hardware (which could just mean reduced losses) and more software sold (where Sony has always made a profit), profitability DROPPED due to less PSP hardware sales and PS2 software sales (where Sony has been making enough profit to balance things out).

Am I missing something?

commodore642987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Yes, apparently you are missing something.

The proof, so to speak, is found in the Reuters link in the article.
Apparently they analysis says the ps3 is making profits since march.
The FY 2009 drop in profitability covers the period mainly before that.

Problem is, the link is in Japanese.
I can't read it myself, but presumably it's true.

If you check my posting history I have always maintained that the slim was sold at a loss, until now. I guess this vindicates me somewhat.

In any case, Sony should be congratulated for turning the corner.
My guess is, we won't be seeing another ps3 price cut for a looooong time. They really need to recoup their accumulated PS3 losses, which stand somewhere at $4.7 billion in the red.

Strikepackage Bravo2987d ago

everyone else here is missing something. The author is trying to say that because they mentioned the profitability fell, that they were referring to PS3 profitability, when in fact they were referring to the profitability of the entire division. The author is an idiot. His proof is the quoted text in bold print.

This is the same way the rumors that PS3 had outsold 360 in EU years ago, got started, then later we find out that only recently has the PS3 actually caught up to 360 in EU. Fanboy journalists will be the death of gaming.

SixTwoTwo2987d ago

This is great news but I have a big question. PS3 is now profitable for Sony but in their financial reports their N&PS group which contains their games division lost $800 million. Now just released some big titles in Q1 and sold a lot of software and hardware. So where did these losses come from? What is Sony's games division spending all that cash on? Games? PSP2 R&D? Anyone care to speculate?

MexicanAppleThief2987d ago

Well its possible that the original and old slim models were selling at a loss ever since they were launched, sure the manafacturing costs went down for both models but still had a net loss for said manafactured models.

A new slim model is being introduced to break even, so Sony will mostly likey phase out the old slim and make PS3 turn profit and yes, I think a considerable sum of money went into PSP2 developent (which I'm personally looking forward to).

I would say that from here on out Sony Game's division will always be in the green.

SixTwoTwo2987d ago

Yeah part of it has to be PSP2 R&D

cliffbo2987d ago

imo they never ever made a loss just the press saying they did, sony have never said that the ps3 is costing more than it sells for.

kaveti66162987d ago

Wow. That's the most naive thing I have seen today. The PS3 was initially being manufactured for 800 bucks and being sold for 600. 200 dollar loss per console sold.

paradigmfellow2987d ago

Sony will not stop on trying to make the PS3 less expensive to produce. They know that a price war can start up again.

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Nathan Drake22988d ago

now gamer. another site who hates ps3. in articles it says profitability deteriorated due to lower unit sales of ps2 software but they write with big letters "profitability deteriorated due to lower unit sales of ps3 software".

jimmins2987d ago

"profitability deteriorated primarily due to lower unit sales of PS2 software and of PSP hardware"

SuperStrokey11232987d ago

LOL i love how 2/3 of article titled about the ps3 is about the ps2... gee whiz...

Meryl2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

good it will remind stupid people who was the king and went to sleep a a little while but ps3 is striking back this year it will take second, next year it will be a battle between sony and ninty how silly of ninty to forget about sony so quick, they think they have it in the bag:(:(

DaRazorback2987d ago

Good for Sony. That means they can continue to pay for the uber exclusives like GOW and Uncharted.

OmarJA-N4G2987d ago

Stating the obvious, good for Sony.

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