Surprise: Halo Reach Soundtrack Will Be Wonderful

If you play Halo, or are at least vaguely familiar with the series, you’re likely aware of the wonderful job Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori do with the games’ respective soundtracks.

Well, and this should come as no surprise, it sounds as if the soundtrack to Halo: Reach will blow you away just like the others.

Marcus Lehto, Creative Director on the Halo: Reach project, recently updated the Noble Actual development blog, speaking about the game’s music.

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IrishAssa2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Surprise? Halo's music was always one of the best.One of the Top 10 imo. Along with metal gear, Final Fantasy's and a good few others

Edit---even just listening to the music in the vids of it you know it'll be good

Goldenarmz2962d ago

if its anything like ODST then it is going to be awesome. The soundtrack is one of the best.