The Rebirth of Deus Ex

Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, art director of the highly-anticipated Deus Ex prequel, discusses how the Deus Ex: Human Revolution team uses the Icarus myth and Transhumanism to bring about the rebirth of the franchise.

Video game worlds used to be little more than a handful of static backdrops, often composed of varying shades of color or the same image repeated endlessly. But thanks to advances in technology, game designers are now able to create entire universes, each with its own set of internal logic and rules. In fact, a credible and consistent game world is no longer a luxury: It's an absolute necessity. Gamers have now become accustomed to spending their time in virtual spaces that not only look great but have their own distinct personality. Titles such as BioShock prove that, when done correctly, the game world can become more than just the shell where the action takes place: It can become an integral part of the experience.

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