Nintendo Expecting to Sell 5 Million 3DS Units This Fiscal Year, says Analyst

Nintendo has yet to reveal much official information on the 3DS beyond the original terse announcement from Japan. In fact, 3DS might not even be the 3D portable's final name. We'll no doubt hear much more about the new system at this year's E3 - an event which could prove to be critical for the games industry, according to EEDAR's Jesse Divnich.

In his pre-E3 analysis, Divnich also commented that Nintendo is likely anticipating robust sales for the 3DS when it launches. "While Nintendo has not formally announced a timeframe for project 3DS, their financials speak a different story. According to their expected Nintendo DS and 3DS sales (they combine both sales into one category) our estimates indicate that Nintendo is expecting the 3DS to sell 5 million units by March 2011," he said.

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trounbyfire2843d ago

but I just don't see why people keep buying these DSs. how many does one person need. they are going to flooded the market and then what.