Star Wars: The Old Republic Bounty Hunter Screens

BioWare has released a new batch of images of the Bounty Hunter class from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The screens contain in-game shots and concept art, not only of the Bounty Hunter in action, but of class-specific costumes and weapons.

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Maticus2992d ago

Wow that class is looking hot.

Every time I see new things like this released I change my mind on which class I want to play first.

Djorgo2992d ago

There we go. Just waiting for Bobba Fett clones :)

Dorjan2992d ago

still, who would be that when you can be a jedi!

Panthers2992d ago

You would be surprised. I cant wait to see how newbs react when their Jedi gets owned by a Bounty Hunter.

AndyA2992d ago

All about the smuggler for me.

Fyzzu2992d ago

Gah. I want to play as every single class in this game.

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