F1 2010 - 3rd dev video (weather) released today

In the 3rd dev video for F1 2010, the wide ranging effects of weather and their impact in the game are revealed.

Formula One test driver Anthony Davidson explains that although you have some information about the weather at your disposal, how you use that information is crucial: “The teams know by the radar where the weather is coming from and how long it’s going to last. You’ll be aware of what the weather’s doing roughly, and then you can make your call, just like you would in real life.”

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nix2870d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

i still have that F1 game when it was developed by Sony (the last F1 game). am thinking whether i should get it since i've stopped playing that game half way.

Letros2870d ago

Cockpit view at 2:00 was pretty awesome!

matey2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

this is real graphics and i own wii only but i think i will wait for F12011 its coming to wii/3DS i think because they wont want to spoil this version by giving 360/ps3 another version so soon F12009/F12011 on wii,F12010/F12012 360/ps3,but yeah on the wii version they chose against the direct feed game engine they even used it in gamecube/ps2 ect so it proves they were not shooting for real graphics with that version but wii version plays a treat but F1 is all about glamour so i think this will be the ultimate version wii in second place for console F1 games but if the wii version was done in graphics twice say forza 1 xbox which would have been possible then wii version would have ruled for ever but 2011 will come soon enough

iamgoatman2869d ago

How anybody can comprehend what you wrote is beyond me, let along agree with you.

Helios_CM2870d ago

F1 2011 will be out on the same formats as F1 2010, so no Wii F1 2011 I'm afraid.

Letros2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

You guys should bust out a DX11 trailer, can only imagine what these graphics are going to be like after playing Dirt 2.

Dragunov2870d ago

I miss the old F1 games by psygnosis

Ambivalent_2869d ago

With those original late '90 F1 graphix interface...

Have a bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.