Natal 'isn't for gaming community'

New motion sensing device is for “mothers and girlfriends”, analyst asserts

Despite previous assertions from Microsoft that it’s upcoming Xbox 360 peripheral Natal is very much for the hardcore gamer as well as the casual market, Michael Pachter has claimed that simply isn’t the case.

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sid4gamerfreak2959d ago

"New motion sensing device is for “mothers and girlfriends”, analyst asserts"


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JsonHenry2959d ago

I kinda hope this is right. Mostly because I don't want to have to buy the thing because there is a decent game out that I have to play on it.

But did ANYONE really think this was going to be for the core players? Not saying they couldn't make good core games for it, just that I had no real hopes of it being anything but for casual play.

Raf1k12959d ago

There might be casual games that only use Natal but I think most games that do use it will be playable with just a normal controller.

karl2959d ago

sony is spending millions on move games that probably wont sell enough to make profit ..... but thats how u promote a new device, by investing money...

while MS has the money they dont have the developers to make the games

and third party developers wont risk making a game that might not sell to promote MS project NATAL

BeaArthur2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Saga Kin...The only thing foolish is your comment. If you think that Natal and Move are going to be all that different you are mistaken. They will both have shovel ware and some compatibility with more hardcore games. It's actually probably smart for MS to target the "mothers and girlfriends" market. Most hardcore gamers probably won't be that interested and the goal here for both Sony and MS is to steal the Wii market (which is made up of moms and girlfriends).

Dr-ZOOM2959d ago

Moms and girlfriends =D

ThanatosDMC2959d ago

I thought the Move would be for moms and girlfriends cuz you know... err... nvm.

Cant wait for E3!

Inside_out2959d ago

...of course it is...this is for the " CASUAL " gamer market...duh...M$ wants what Nintendo has...Wii Fit just keeps on selling, 10++ million...Developers will decide how to implement it's GROUNDBREAKING Voice activating/reconizing...wirele ss/controllerless and battery less " star trek " device...LMFAO...

M$ is gonna make a killing on this thing...LOL...the only people that don't know is the will, in a couple of wks...extreme shortage of 360's this holiday season....

ManGastaS2959d ago

This is what scares Sony fanboys!

avengers19782959d ago

If it sells it sells, I don't think the Wii is for gamers, but it sells like, well hotcakes. I know nintendo fans are getting some pretty good games from the wii once in awhile.(but there still usually Mario games)Natal, and Move both hope to capture that "casual gaming market" I highly doubt they will have Wii like success with them. On the other hand if both companies can uses this to steer people away from nintendo then it is a win for them.

Triella2959d ago

As long as the result will look like this
give up any hope to use it with hardcore games.

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RadientFlux2959d ago

when is Michael Pachter ever right

Projekt7tuning2959d ago

@ RadientFlux
Well said. Why do people still approve stories from Michael Pachter. I am afraid this story passed simply because some people still want to be fanboys and looked only at the title and thought (Flame Fodder). I know that 90% of the regulars on this site don't believe or cant stand Michael Pachter. Cant we as a gaming group stop approving his crap? He may from prediction to prediction support a Fanboy base side to side, but come on. Im going to buy both Move and Natal. The reason why, I want to support the gaming community by keeping both Sony and Microsoft competing. If we didn't have those two competing, do you really think ether one would have helped developer push the systems to were they are today? NO. If only say the PS3/360 was around, the companies would only advance the systems so much a year just to keep the platform current for as long as possible.

va_bank2959d ago

But I agree with him on this. Both Natal and Sony Move are trying to take a bite out of Wii market, that's all it is.

thehitman2959d ago

First time ever I agree w/ patcher because hes right....

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