Atmospheric Dead Space 2 screens

Liked the first Dead Space ?,
These screens show us, that Dead Space 2 will
be even more beautifull.

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quantumriian2959d ago

I think Dead Space is a positively AMAZING game- one of my favorites for sure. But honestly these screens didn't produce the reaction they should- it looks like...Dead Space....not the sequel to Dead Space, just normal Dead Space.

Does anyone else think that first pic makes Isaac's head look really weird?

cloudyheaven2959d ago

i think the game will at least be equally as good as the first one, but i guess EA is focussing more on the gameplay and storie, as the first game already had a very impressive graphics engine. I think they will give the player a lot of new gadgets and some more intense playable cut-scenes ^^

samich20072958d ago

Nice screens! Better graphics than the 1st one!