Stealing credit cards and buying PS3 games is not a very good idea

A man in California has been arrested and sentenced to five years in prison. What was the cause one might ask? He stole four women’s purses over the course of two weeks and used them to buy a number of PlayStation 3 games from Target in Vista, California. He also bought mobiles, televisions and iPods.

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Shane Kim2985d ago

5 years?!?! God bless you USA. In Sweden, you wouldn't get that for murder.

Slient Knight 92985d ago

In the uk its even worse mate.

eggbert2985d ago

with all these big titles coming out later, i'm probably going to do the same.

mittwaffen2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I hated bastards that tried buying 6,000 bucks worth of Macs when you ID them they just leave the store and you couldnt do shit to stop them.

Bust his ass; I hate thieves!