The Ps3 Needs Dark Cloud 3

The Dark Cloud franchise is a hidden series that has had critical success but was not played by the vast majority of gamers. The games are RPG’s that had inventive characters and an engrossing story. It had real time gameplay as well as game mechanics that have never been done before it.

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Studio-YaMi2806d ago

Don't feed the Troll..

And you're right,PS3 does need Dark Cloud 3,but that's not all that it needs,it needs a WHOLE LOT of games like :

Harvest Moon
Legend of Dragoon
New XenoGears (XenoStupidSaga doesn't count)
Shadow hearts
Thousand arms <--- loved that game

and a whole lot more PS1 classics that we all grew up with and loved so much !

Mostly of these games..I want a new Harvest Moon... ._.

MAiKU2806d ago

It's not like developers don't feel the same way. It's just those are very touchy games to re-do or create a sequel to.

They add to the story, the are compared to the previous games, and they can make or break the entire series.

They would love to actually do that stuff all the time, but there is a difficulty in develop direction the entire team has to go for.

Studio-YaMi2806d ago

I do agree with most of your post,but if they keep getting afraid of breaking their once awesome titles,then we wouldn't see any sequels nowadays,don't you agree ?

What developers need to understand is that they have to have some faith in us gamers and do what's right !

SaiyanFury2806d ago

There needs to be more JRPGs in general. DC3 would certainly help. Now if Namco would just announce Tales of Vesperia already, I'd be a much happier man for it!

Jsynn72806d ago

Can I ad to your list a new ZOE and a new Parasite Eve? Maybe a new Mega Man X game? Classics.

majdees2806d ago

I want a new Tomba T_T

ABizzel12806d ago

Not only Dark Cloud, but whatever else they can get. The RPG market has slim pickings especially if you want a good one.

-Alpha2806d ago

Only played #2 but I've been starving for a sequel and it pisses me off to no end that Level 5 is focusing on White Knight Chronicles.

No offense to WKC fans but Dark Cloud was so much more unique IMO. It was such an awe-inspiring and beautiful game. That game touched my heart, it really did. I cannot explain it, but the music, settings, town, etc. it was all so surreal and artistically soulful.

I want some damn RPGs in general. Demon's Souls is awesome but is too dark to satisfy my JRPG itch. I would also love to see Harvest Moon, that game is amazing

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Blackcanary2806d ago

all the way what about Aludra 3 for the PS3 that would be cool.

unrealgamer582806d ago

lol kids disagreeing with me, I'm so sad lol

Ether2806d ago

I don't know if the PS3 NEEDS a DC3, but I certainly WANT a DC3.

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