Alan Wake DLC Release Date Revealed

The highly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake is set to launch across Europe tomorrow, and North America early next week, with the retail package set to include a redemption code to obtain the first downloadable content (DLC) package for free upon it’s launch on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. However, until now, it had not been revealed as to when we could expect the DLC to arrive.

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kevco332989d ago

I think it's better when there's a bit of a gap between launch and the DLC like this. Day one DLC pi**es me off a bit...

mittwaffen2989d ago

DLC from the getgo would be an extra bonus; since its only SP. Adds alot more replay value to the game.

kevco332988d ago

I don't thonk so personally, I think it just confuses things. This way is better - give people time to get through the game, move on to something else, then come back to it a little later.

Of course, it also means you're less likely to trade the game in so quickly, keeping the retail price high for longer. It's all part of a clever marketing strategy...

mittwaffen2988d ago

Confuses things?

The games already split up in a way that extra content will incorporate perfectly.

Lets just say without saying anything when people finish the game they will wish the DLC was already out versus july 28th

kevco332988d ago

Don't get me wrong, I understand your point, but it's for those gamers such as myself that play many, many games - the game should be a separate act to the DLC, in that the game is played through as one entity and the DLC as another.

And for those who only play a handful of games, and don't regularly keep updated with all the latest news, being confronted with the option for additional content without even having played the game yet can be somewhat confusing.