Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC coming in June

A fourth piece of PDLC for Mass Effect 2 will launch next month, EA has revealed, showcasing the content at yesterday's EA EU Showcase event in London.

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Megaton2870d ago

Interesting, I guess. Sounds similar to that N7 mission where a paranoid AI killed everyone on a ship. Would have preferred something involving Liara and the Shadowbroker, along with everyone else who keeps asking for it on the ME2 FaceBook page.

I HARLEM I2870d ago

WE'll cant say there arent supporting this like the original......hope it isnt the last form od dlc them announceing nomore crew makes me a bit skeptical is all.

LpBronco2870d ago

I did find that having completed the suicide mission, I felt left flat that there wasn't anything left to do and if there isn't a mission behind the veil in ME3 that it would make a great side mission and could be a great addition to the game. Exposing the Shadowbroker would also make an outstanding mission if he isn't in fact the Illusive Man. I just find that after assembling the team having so little left to do left me wanting more and this is the first game I've paid for additional content(I would pay for even more).

I HARLEM I2870d ago

The comic makes the illusive man impossible of being the shadow broker read them i won't spoil it for you .there a good read!

PS360WII2870d ago

Nice more dlc. They say you use the Hammerhead floating tank to move about. Wonder if you'll need the Firewalker dlc pack in order to use it? I have it so no worries ;)

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