The Lost Gamer: Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Skies Review

The Lost Gamer writes: "Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies has a glorious vivacity that pulses through its veins from start to finish. Among the constant stream of enemies, ammunition and anything else that isn’t nailed to the ground is game so wrapped in the seasonings of its former influences, it’s as if you’ve gone back in time and loaded up Space Harrier for the first time. Few games manage such a balance that taps into classic elements whilst throwing its own unique touches. It’s a shame that most of the Wii’s audience might not be able to comprehend how spectacular and rewarding Sin & Punishment can be but those who do will find a tingling buzz that’s difficult to waggle free from."

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iforgotmylogin3113d ago

Buying this ASAP i cant wait:D.