PS3 & Xbox 360 gap drops to just 4.5 million

PSUNI: Hardware sales flutter the hearts of some console fanboys, but we find the statistics interesting nonetheless. Sony today announced its financial 2009 year results, and though the Networked Products & Services division (which includes the Games business) lost $893 million U.S. dollars, its been a boon for PS3 sales. Improved hardware sales have closed that fabled gap between Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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THC CELL2963d ago

Sony could end this in a click

GT5 Booooooooooom head shot to xbox

Icyhot2963d ago

Not to forget the sales PS3 will rake up in Japan especially during the last Quarter in the holiday season. Sony expects 15 million PS3s to be sold this fiscal year, so there is definitely a price drop down the line.. Last year at this time, people laughed at Sony when they said that 13 million PS3s will be sold by the end of 2009 fiscal... Those people are eating crow now.

And here is the real deal... PS3 still is at 299$ which is the launch price of the PS2.. And the market itself increases once it reaches the mass market price of near 200$...

The gap will drop to around 2 once GT5 lands.

kanedaakira2963d ago

Plus - you must remember that 30 percent of all sold 360's have probably failed. So if MS have sold 40.2million then at least 12.06 million of those have failed - some will have been replaced and some will have been re-bought.
Lets say 50 percent of people who had a broken 360 bought another one. Thats 6.03 million.

That means that the amount of people who actually OWN a 360 could be more like 36million.

It's not strictly the amount of units sold that is important - the most important statistic is the amount of people owning a WORKING unit in their homes.

I firmly believe that there are more people owning working PS3s than 360s.

Wrathman2963d ago Show
BryanBegins2963d ago


You use your PS3 as a Blu-ray player only? I'm guessing you don't like quality games then. Too bad for you.

And btw, to answer your question, I'm sure only a small minority doesn't play with its ps3.

gravv2963d ago


- sc failed
- metro failed
- Aw failed

natal will follow next

FlipMode2963d ago

Good for Sony, and GT5 hasn't even dropped yet.

cmrbe2963d ago

About the price drop that is. I think its a waiting game for Sony with the price drop.Profitability is their key objective right now. If Sony are only aiming for 15 million then that means there is most likely no price drop. If Sony were aiming for 20 million then there would be a price drop imo.

Remember that the PS3 for half of the fiscal year last year was at $399. The drop to 299 occured around sept 2009. Even with this fact the PS3 still sold 13 million units.

Now the PS3 is consistenty selling very well everywhere. Its even beating the wii in Japan in this year alone. This fiscal year will see the PS3 @299 for the whole 4 1/4 which means it should at the very least sell 14 million.

Now add GT5 in the mix there is no reason why the PS3 will not sell 16 million units this current fiscal year without a price drop.

HolyOrangeCows2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I definitely agree that there is likely more working Ps3s than there are working 360s.
A good deal of those 360s are probably people "upgrading" to a newer 360 because they think it will solve their problem with it breaking, too.

This has got to be hard on those pseudo-stock holder xbox fanboys. 8 million to 4.5 million in just a few months...ouch.

bruiser812963d ago

@ wrathman

Why do people always equate the ps3's sales sure last year to the slim? It was the price point that caused the ps3's sales surge not the remodeled unit itself. Most people didn't even like the design of the slim in the beginning (me included). The surge actually happened before the slim was even released, as soon as the price drop hit the fats also sold like crazy. I for one dont think MS will release a slim for the simple fact of the HDD but i could be wrong.

Rock Bottom2963d ago

For those who keep dropping the "PS3 is being sold as BluRay player only" crap, that argument is pointless now since the PS3 sold more software in FY 2009 than the 360. Just thought I'd point that.

PLAYstar2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

My occupation is an Assassin. I don't play video games, however I just love using the Xbox360 on idiots such as u. It leave no trails because of for what it is manufactured to be. I must say it is the perfect stealth explosive device ever created! I've already pre-ordered another 100k, cause I just love killing! And I hope to see you on the NEWS soon.. Don't worry I'll buy you a coffin.

darthv722962d ago

shipped or sold.......?

Good to hear for sony. People seem to forget that this is to be expected. People who have a 360 have eventually purchased the wii and now the ps3.

Not everyone has done this but a great many that i know of are now multi console owners and loving it.

The eventual "bragging rights" of the ps3 finally outselling the 360 in total overall consoles will happen but it wont be as big a deal anymore. At least to me it wont because I have all 3 already.

When that does happen....what then will we argue about?

It reminds me of the race to 1000MHz between Intel and AMD. That speed seemed to the the most prestigious moment in tech. AMD beat Intel and will go down in the history of tech as doing it first. Now, they have gone back and forth and have surpassed 3GHz and it isnt as big a thing anymore.

No offense to the sony only loyalists but I feel you are wanting to make this bigger than it really is. Put down your torches and pitch forks and pick up a controller instead.

Elvfam5112962d ago

Why didn't you just buy a standalone bluray player?

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sid4gamerfreak2963d ago

this is gonna hit the front page in no time...

THC CELL2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I firmly believe that there are more people owning working PS3s than 360s.
bubble well said

Working in game i see this
People selling/trading up that old x box 360 for ps3
2 lads come in yesterday and said they was waiting for halo reach
after playing the beta states Its halo 3 with new GFX
i said why dont ya wait for the full game

1 guy said i want GT5 and move

bobdog6262962d ago

They have to Stop Halo Reach First and i don't think GT5 will even put a Dent in Halo's Pocket.Truth be Told i don't know how they will Stop that .Price cut Maybe?

Syronicus2963d ago

Well it looks like it won't be ten years after all. Looks like the ps3 will be caught up to the 360 this holiday season. And this all after the full year head start the 36 "had" but has given away.

captain-obvious2963d ago

you guys ever wondered what well happen if sony pulled the plug on the PS2 ???


you dont wana know

mookins2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Wrathman, you sound like you're about to cry. I wonder what you'll say when it comes down to 3 million?

You don't know whether people will actually buy Natal to begin with so I wouldn't depend on that if I were you.

You're not a real gamer if you just use your PS3 as a bluray player. A real gamer would actually play the exclusives and enjoy them.

You don't own a PS3.

bjornbear2963d ago

but I do see PS3 catching up with the 360...and then MS rushing to release a new iteration of the console just to keep its edge...and it working.

but nonetheless, as I've said, and many have said

there are no losers this gen, just a winner, and two runner ups =P

karl2962d ago

hahah i can already see it...

GAP between PS3 and XBOX360 drop to 1 million

MS RESPONSE: we finish the race NEXT MONTH xbox 720 and the 360 will be discontinued as of now!...

bobdog6262962d ago

I can see it now Halo Reach sell's over 10 mill.Nothing Sony has can Stop it .Sony drop's Price as a Last Resort.Nathol sell's Millions .Sony throw's in the Towel.Sound's about Right.

karl2962d ago

what about GT5? u xboxfanboys keep depending on reach.

those two will cancel each other i say...

but still after gt5 and reach sony still has the upper hand in exclusives

RAZORLAND2963d ago

"Red-rings-of-death" . There is no gap on Sony's part.

duplissi2962d ago

aaanndd thats the kicker.... isnt it?

mastiffchild2963d ago

Oh God, these fiues(and all the others) just aren't, and cannot be, that precise. Sure, they show the trend that the PS3 picked up with the Slim and cut but beyond that we're still in a hole of uncertainty. Some countries data's unreliable to start with, some retailers get ignored and, importantly, these kind of stats can never show how many of these consoles are actually still working, how many are rep[placements for dead units and so on.

Isn't it likely we'll get a better picture from the sales of multiplatform games at this late stage? On average you could ask if the PS3 versions were keeping pace with their 360 counterparts-which, IIRC, seems to just about be the case with EA, and others, reckoning their PS3 section's more profitable than 360 and the way more games now use the PS3 as the lead development platform.

Whatever, I imagine the gap is a bit less than even this suggests which us great for us gamers as, whatever you game on, the competition's tight enough to ensure both sides keep upping the ante. Not good for our wallets or starving bodies deprived of sustenance while the games pile up but certainly should keep the quality and number of good games high!

Nut, as I said, console sales figures are a bit of a mess in terms of true accuracy and with so many unaccountable variables just how valid are all the stats, figures, graphs and pie charts? So, to me it's sloppy confirmation of a trend we al suspected anyway, yeah?

Christopher2963d ago

Regardless of the inability to get the most accurate data, you utilize the best data you can when estimating growth and potential.

morkendo2963d ago

is gaining grounds E3 is in the forlong will ps3 take sec. place?? be there or be square. it'll be a photo finish folks (ps3) in sec. place yipppy!!! stay tune after E3.
and now back to the news :partly cloudy with chance of meat balls lol

Syronicus2962d ago

That's funny, for years the Xbox fanturds bragged about being ahead of the PS3 in sales and never mentioned the Wii or how the 360 was actually in second place. Only the bragging about how they were beating the PS3. Now that the PS3 is catching up, the story is "oh yeah, the PS3 is fighting for second place"...

sikbeta2963d ago

GT5 is a Huge System Seller, I'm really confident by saying that GT5 alone not only will Erase the Gap, will increase the HW sales in a WOW way

I'm sure Sony is getting everything Ready, they want to make Profit with the HW + Software sales, there is no Better way than do it with GT + Bundles

This Something I'm saying from the Beginning, after The Release of GT5, everything will Repeat itself like last gen

2963d ago
ABizzel12962d ago

Well guess we know MS is going to have a price drop this E3. Maybe $99 arcade.

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THC CELL2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Gt5 can really end this.

GT P sold around 4 million.

GT5 overall is looking at 7 million sales.

and to be honest i never really get in sales i hate the fact gamers brag about them
we are hear to game,

sikbeta2963d ago

That's just Software sales alone, imagine the HW sales with the GT5 Bundles, Europe + Japan will be so freaking Crazy for those Bundles...

techie2963d ago

You're doing a lot of bragging =D BTW if Sony meets its 15 million sales projection and Xbox 360 stays static...the PS3 will overtake by 2011.

bobdog6262962d ago

If You Think that GT5 will outsell Halo Reach you Must Be Out of your Mind.ODST Sold over 5 mill by itself .Sony has Nothing that can Stop Reach this Time.It could Reach if done right over 20 million.Then you have Gears3 right around the corner.Don't count Microsoft out yet.


Now that PS3 is selling more faster than Xbox 360, and outselling World Wide. I have no doubt with just a game like GT5 or LBP 2, PS3 will overtake this.

Besides PS3 will be like PS2, the PS3 will be the only console after 10 Years still supported by the Companies in the next generation.

DaTruth2962d ago

When has a Halo title sold more than a full GT game? Your logic is fundamentally flawed by the fact that no Halo game has approached GT sales. Why would it be different this time?

GT5 is the first full GT game on the PS3; Halo:Reach is the 4th Halo game on the 360; Why the Hell are they waiting so long to pick up a 360 for Halo!

jamesrocks31472963d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will have a MAZZIVE IMPACT on ps3 sales will go through the roof and GT5 will sell millions very possibly claiming the number one most sold exclusive ps3 game

ShiNe-Box-2963d ago

Glad I'm always able to visit Playstation University for all of my scholarly news.

Hotel_Moscow2963d ago

i expect gran turismo 5 to sell 30 million copys in 6 years

i havent bought a gran turismo game since a spec for ps2 so this one is a def buy so much content it looks like i can use a car a day for 2 years and still not play them all