New Project Natal Rumors

Microsoft held a Project Natal conference yesterday to the Scandinavian press. Here's what they told the biggest Danish television and radio show.

- Release Date: First week of october

- Around 1000 Danish Kroner (170$, Note: Things in Europe costs around 25-40% more then in the US)

- 15 Natal games at launch (first and third party total). Sports games, casual and kids games.

- They're doing a world wide Natal tour to kill of any rumor of it being slow and unresponsive, letting the mainstream press play it without any restrictions. "we want to dismantle rumors that it is slow to react, and that you must have a certain color shirt in order to play. That is not true, says Claus Due."

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ShiNe-Box-2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Rumors about being "slow and unresponsive"!? That poor e3 demo must of really got to some people. But it was nearly a year ago when that happened.