Games that Should Have been better: Fight Club

When people think about Fight Club, what usually comes to mind is the violently descriptive bestselling novel and brutal cult hit movie both of the same name. One does not typically think of the video game of the same name that was released in 2004. Well, that’s because the game was absolute trash and it was a cheap cash in on the good name of Fight Club and Tyler Durden.

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LukeA2865d ago

What a pile of dung. I was so excited to play this, and when I got it home I vomited everywhere.

RaymondM2865d ago

Same here man! I was excited to see Fight Club in a video game form, but this was a piece of crap.
I was even more disturbed when I heard Fred Durst was an unlockable character. This game was such a waste.

Murgatroyd72865d ago

At least it wasn't as bad as the last chapter or two of the book!

omicron0092865d ago

Movie games are almost always bad, just get UFC

thegreatest78842859d ago

Screw this game. It's an insult to fans of the book and movie, and had so much wasted potential.