Obama is justified in calling out videogames

So what, the President of the United States used videogames in a negative connotation and what? Really, is it that serious? President Obama in no way came out and said that he hated videogames nor did he blame videogames for many problems such as violence. The only thing he was trying to point out was that in a country where the value of education is high, we as the youth of America need to understand the fine line between education and entertainment.

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King Hippo2988d ago

But enjoy kissing his ass.

GameZenith2988d ago

No, I'm not kissing his ass. I'm just not acting like it is the end of the world because our President use videogames in a negative context.

He isn't saying videogames is the devil, he is just saying that videogames as popular as it is, can be a distraction when it comes to education. If you cannot see that then I feel sorry for you.

RaymondM2988d ago

here here man. He is entitled to his own opinion and there is obviously a need for better emphasis on education right now over video games.
Sure, we all love video games, but its a distraction for dumb people when they should be studying harder.
While it does help out those in the business like some of us, journalists and gaming website owners etc, the average kid is spending too much time on games.

I've seen too many dumb kids around to say that the president is wrong.
On the other hand, my mom bought be video games when I got good grades in school.
Thats good parenting cause its a compromise of entertainment and morals.

mugoldeneagle032987d ago

People need to understand our education system sucks at the moment, and video games is just one of the many ways Obama is trying to address the situation.

And to everyone who says video games don't make kids lazier or whatever, I'm a perfect example. Started both ways on varsity football as a Sophmore, all conference offense and defense as a Junior, and I skipped the entire offseason workouts and my Senior year because I spent my entire summer playing SOCOM II. And my GPA dropped from a 3.5 to a 2.5.

Yes, it was obviously my own fault. But it's still a major distraction, and I'm sure kids these days are having the same problem, if not worse with how advanced the industry has been since my HS years (early 2000's)

Lich1202987d ago

I'm surprised everyone is so bent out of shape about this. He could have said many things that are much much worse. He didn't shun video games, in a way he was pointing out the obvious. I've had my grades suffer from video games. I had to give myself a reality check, but it certainly happens.

Also, on a deeper note, he was pointing out the faults with the information age. Where entertainment and information is so easy to come by, it often gets abused.

I also think most the critics probably object with his other policies and think this too is an "end of America" scenario. I won't speak on his other stances, but this itself seems pretty innocuous.

SaiyanFury2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Obama can demonize video games, iPods and whatever to his liking when it comes to education. God knows it's the federal government that controls education. The Department of Education mandated by Jimmy Carter is the single worst thing to happen to local schools here in the US. Politics went up and actual education went down, which is why the American educational system is so screwed. Shyte, Obama even took over the loan industry from private banks, making the government the only place to get loans from for secondary education. Obama can criticise what he wants about things that detract from government education. When the government can indoctrinate young people into an entitlement mentality where the government is the answer to everything, who are we to question Obama? I have no real idea whether Obama hates video games or not, but when he starts calling them out in favour of government education, I do have a problem. Thankfully I was educated outside of a government institution with a real education. I play games, but I'm still pretty intelligent, or so my latest IQ test showed me. On top of that, with my home-schooled wife, we're plenty smart. I hope our children benefit from our non-governmental, Christian education. Americans need to get out from the entitlement mentality or our country is doomed. Entertainment is the reason kids aren't getting educated? That might be part of it. The largest reason is the lack of proper education children are receiving because the political involvement kids are exposed to in schools.

StanLee2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

He's not right. It's not a video game publisher, developer or console maker's responsibility to parent our children. He should be calling out parents. Video games aren't any more a distraction than a paddle and ball. If parents aren't diligent, anything can become a distraction. Singling out video games is just sensationalism and the popular thing to do. If you look at the largest demographic of PS3 and XBox 360 users, they're not even kids.

Kurylo3d2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

@ SaiyanFury

Your home schooled... so you have no idea whats in public schools. My highschool in new jersey had huge computer labs, programming classes, many many useful things to learn. By home schooling someone your limiting them to what you know. Not to what the world knows. Your limiting them to not question things and just take them on your word. There are many point of views outside of your own and the world is a very diverse place filled with much knowledge.

Saying this I think you are the fool. Living in your own sheltered existance so you wont damage your faith. But if you are concerned about your faith i submit this to you. YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.

I really dont understand why you feel the need to bash obama. Like he is responsible for the countries woes. Like he is the one responsible for failing grades. Parents are the ones responsible for failing grades. Not the schools.. not Obama. The resources are all there. THe problem is the kids dont use them cause they are not brought up to use them. They instead play games... and have fun... tooooo much. Nothing wrong with fun, but keep it as reward.

SaiyanFury2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

@ Kurylo3d

Actually I have been in public schools, and so has my wife. Our parents did not approve of the curriculum in which the schools were provided. We were not sheltered because of our faith, in fact our schooling program was very open and widespread across a great many ideals. My program did in fact include many courses in IT facets. I work in the IT field and have a great job. My wife currently works at the local VA as a CT Technician earning a very healthy wage, so it's not like we were raised anti-social or we were sheltered. Our parents actually, in turn wanted to be active in our schooling, not the other way around. The fact is, there's too much politics being pushed in schools. When I first started in schools so many years ago, I remember the Lord's Prayer being spoken before classes along with the Pledge of Allegiance. I know they won't do the Lord's Prayer anymore out of some stupid sense of political correctness. God only knows if they do the Pledge of Allegiance anymore, I would assume not. Also it's not exactly Obama I wish to bash, as you put it; it's the federal government in general. For too long have they intruded into our lives, trying to make more and more people beholden to them. More and more entitlements. More and more regulations. More and more political correctness. It's all going to ruin the country. Obama is just the latest catalyst of all this culminated socialism that mostly started under Jimmy Carter. Then Bush the senior picked up after Reagan and it all started to go downhill.

Yes, too many kids play too many games, and yes, parents should be more involved in their kids' lives, I wholeheartedly agree. But don't assume my wife or I are sheltered rednecks merely because our parents chose a home schooling approach. We turned out well and we are very happily married and I assume we'll remain as such for the rest of our lives.

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vhero2987d ago

Trust an American to blame video games for there messed up education system it has nothing to do with the actual system no?? Or Parents? Or a million other things.... Sorry but I think he needs something to blame any games took the hit simple as that.

butterfinger2987d ago

I'd have to say that you're exactly right. How many more pointless blogs do we need on this subject? Get Obama out of my video games. He is already trying to control every other aspect of our lives, and now we have to read a new article about him on N4G every single day?! Seriously, when is enough enough? GameZenith, why don't you try coming up with something original or at least shed a new light on this discussion. You just simply fell right in line with every other blog on here (pretty much), and went for the easy hits.

Kurylo3d2987d ago

You do realize hes not blaming the games themselves. Hes saying put down the distracitons for a while. Nothing wrong with gaming, but too much gaming will take you away from your studies. It is BAD PARENTING to allow your kids to play games all day long. Games should be a reward after homework.

JsonHenry2987d ago

Why doesn't he rant about Nascar, Basketball, Football, baseball, and even Soccer then? How you choose to spend your free time or in this case how you choose to slack off instead of doing school work has nothing to do with games exclusively.

But instead he only ever points out video games. Why? Because he DOESN'T LIKE THEM. His choice of course, they are not for everyone. But I don't need his approval on what poison I choose for my free time.

MNicholas2987d ago

who allow kids their kids to sit in front of a tv or computer to play games or look at porn all day.

That's how most american kids spend their time, particularly during the summer.

We're a country of fat, stupid, and greedy kids and for the last 20 years, we've been getting our asses handed to us by countries with better parents.

Japan has long since taken over the auto industry, Taiwan and now China have taken over general manufacturing, and countries like South Korea, France, etc. are leading the way in medical innovation.

The only reasons why we're still the richest country in the world is because we have strategic ownership or control of the largest amount of essential commodities such as corn and grain production, oil, etc.

We also spend more on military than all of Europe, Russia, and China combined in order to maintain our empire.

More than 20% of the taxes we pay today and a good chunk of inevitable tax increases in the future (due to additional $3Trillion in military spending using borrowed money) go to supporting our absolutely enormous military complex.

The scary part is that our military is so poorly run and corrupt that (billions in tax dollars are essentially donated to lockheed martin, boeing, etc every week), despite our massive spending, we'd be in real trouble if we tried to take on China, India, and Russia in conventional warfare.

If our kids weren't so stupid we'd be doing a much better job developing new technologies (our best researchers are foreigners) and keeping our military accountable for spending, and if we weren't so greedy, we wouldn't be borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia to pay for products and oil that we're buying from them (which means we're essentially repaying them twice).

Letros2987d ago

I agree in most part, but don't forget to mention how pathetic our education system is compared to other countries, grade school in America is a complete joke.

Pain2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

have a Hot tube Time machine to go back in time and HIT myself with Baseball bat to study MoRe.. and play less.. Oh boy.. would be a Very different story right now.. so yea .

I agree with the Obama.. Play less, study more.

The Best Trophy/Achievement one should strive for is Not a Stupid Platinum / game score.. but a good Future for you life..

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Serjikal_Strike2988d ago

so this does not apply to me since i finished school many years now im enjoying playing videogames Mr. President!

And besides... Im doin what you told the country to do a couple years ago and that was to go out and spend money to get this country back on its feet!

im doin that by buying games:) lots of them!

krauler2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Obama has been in office less than a year and a half. That was Bush who told everyone to go out and spend money.

butterfinger2987d ago

We need to spend money to help out the economy, that's a fact, not an opinion. Of course Obama DID just say that he doesn't know how to work an iPod even though he said before that he has all of his Michael Jackson songs on his and he gave one to the Queen of England. I guess Obama can pretend to be the hip, young, tech president one year, then pretend that he is old and out of touch the next.

thehitman2987d ago

Mr. President wasnt talking to you in his comment he was talking to all the people in SCHOOL!!!!

na-no-nai2987d ago

Okay so you saying that you rather have kids hanging out with people who are bad influences such as smoking and drinking then kids who stay home playing video games. Everything is a distraction whether you liked it or not for example: tv, movies, friends, internet, clubbing, and teachers and classmates. i rather be a person who enjoyed something than always studying in a book no offense to anyone tho. but im not gonna wasted my life trying to study but i will do what i have to tho

GameZenith2987d ago

You are missing the point. You are hiding what you want to hide and seeing what you want to see. I'm not saying that I would rather my kids not touch videogames at all and find another means of entertainment. I'm not saying that on my kids spare time I would rather them not play videogames but instead run the risk of doing something dangerous as you suggest, NO.

I'm simply saying that when it comes to education vs videogames, I would rather my kids spend more time with their studies versus sitting in front of a TV playing videogames. Yes, I encourage them to play videogames on their free time, but school comes first and if there is studies that needs to be done, I would want them to do that before getting on the game. Once their work is done and they have studied some, they can play videogames as long and as much as they want.

RememberThe3572987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

He's not calling out videogames you morons! He said that we need to watch how we get our information because it's getting easier to mistake fabrication from fact since we get much of our info from entertainment. He mentioned iPods and game consoles as a part of that entertainment. That is it.

Thank you to the author for not being a defensive child about this and actually understanding what was so clearly stated.

GameZenith2987d ago

You're welcome. I'm a 24 year old gamer myself as growing up in elementary school and middle school in the 90s, I can remember when I would literally lie to my parents that I have no homework/test/quizes so that I can play my SNES/N64/Dreamcast freely. This affected my grades and my seriousness of education and THIS is what Obama is trying to stop.

He isnt saying videogames is the anti-Christ, he is just saying that we has students need to remain focused on what is important, which is school and for parents to help reinforce this.

RememberThe3572987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I'm 22 and slowly making my way through school. Much of my problems early in my college career were related to females and videogames (among other thing). I am finally taking my last quarter for my AA and moving on to a university. But this is because I finally figured out that I was letting things distract me from what I needed to get done. That's why I know that this shouldn't be shrugged off or criticized on false merits.

vhero2987d ago

@GameZenith - at your point - Then that is your parents fault for not making sure you didn't do your homework before your games not games fault. They don't force you to play them. Parents can easily stop children playing them. TV and sports are just as much to blame in your example. You could have wrote exactly the same paragraph and replaced SNES/N64/Dreamcast with baseball or TV or whatever.

Boty2987d ago

Its not totally his parents fault. Noticed when he said, and I quote "I would literally lie to my parents that I have no homework/test/quizes so that I can play my SNES/N64/Dreamcast freely.". What It really comes down too is the individual himself first lying then being lazy/distracted by video games.

I agree with GameZenith. Today's youth must get their priorities strait. Lets face it. No video games is going to get you a high paying job. No video game is going to put food on the table and a roof over your head. The sooner people realize that the better off they are.

butterfinger2987d ago

The morons here are the ones that think it is ok for a public official to tell us that we have too much access to information. Not only that, but Obama insulted the intelligence of all Americans by suggesting that we can't tell the difference between good information and bad. I prefer to form my own opinions, not have the President form them for me.

Gun_Senshi2987d ago

for his advert campain

*cough burnout*

kvg882987d ago

How quickly we forget lol

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