Latest White Knight Chronicles 2 Trailer Released

Level-5 released today the newest trailer for White Knight Chronicles 2 exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

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TheHater2992d ago

music was awesome to say the least. I really hope the don't take a year to localize it for the US and hope the include the original Japanese voice over because it sounds 1000x better than the english voice over

iamtehpwn2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Believe it or not, many Japanese *love* English voices, in the same way English Speakers love Japanese. I believe it has something to do with people not understanding the language, therefore, thinking it is cooler or sounds better.

Noctis Aftermath2992d ago

I think it has something to do with that, but also because the majority of the time the quality of the voice acting is much better in japanese because they have a much better voice acting industry.

In the west we have really only recently begun taking the voice acting seriously but it still has a long way to go before the majority of gaming voice overs will be on the same level as their japanese counterparts.

Lucreto2992d ago

I don't understand why people like the Japanese VA you are just changing a squeaky english voice to a squeaky japanese voice which you can't understand. I have tried if before as people say the Japanese VA gives a greater sense of emotion which it fail to do for me.

Hakimy2992d ago

that's because in japan,voice actors are actually other countries,most people don't know or even care about voice actors.have you ever walked in the streets and saw people saying "oh my god! That's *enter name here* he is voice actor for *insert anime or game here*"? no you haven't but in japan,it is the case so it's natural that japanese voices sound better since it has more interest and fame unlike in the west where almost people don't care that example would be like this: if you have an animated movie from disney (for example the lion king) and instead of the famous actors they brought,they decided to bring voice actors from the games industry (englisg voices) would you have felt that the quality of the voices is the same? it's the same case with games and the difference between japanese and english voice actors ;)

Chris3992992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

who have never even touched the game. And it's clear that anyone who comments on the SP alone really has no idea the depth of WKC. It's basically an MMORPG-lite with no monthly fees and regular, FREE, updates (rotating quests, new loot). Easily the best multi-player experience I've had this gen.

As far as SP goes, the story isn't that bad, and definitely picks up the pace in the last leg of the game. But, like the reviewers, to judge this game as a SP RPG is simply uninformed. Out of my 250 hour save, I spent maybe 50 hours on the story (played through twice to pick up all the new chests in new game+). I probably have at least another 200 hours to hit GR 15, and another 50 hours if I want a platinum in this game. Oh, and my character is fully importable into WKC 2, so all of my hard work is not for naught.

The real pull here is online (or solo) questing. In an age of 6 hour games with wonky multi-player modes, talk to me when you're GR 15 and tell me that you haven't gotten your money's worth for a $60 game.

And I kind of agree with Lucreto. Who cares about the voices when the vast majority of your playtime is spent in MP mode? As long as the voice-work is serviceable, that's all that matters. That said, if leaving the original Japanese voices allows them to simply subtitle and release the game here faster than the first, then I'm all for it.

TheHater2992d ago

I need to add you to my buddy list

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Forbidden_Darkness2992d ago

Can't say im any bit exicted for WKC2, after renting and playing WKC for a while, i didnt enjoy it at all

MightyMark4272992d ago

I am hoping the second game will be a lot better than the first one. I agree with Hater, OVA is better than the dubbed one.

ClownBelt2992d ago

Meh trailer, but I cannot wait for this game. I absolutely love the first one. ^_^

Ravage272992d ago

there's a list of changes they are bringing to WKC2 and i can't wait to see them

ShadyDevil2992d ago

The other trailers I saw were better. Prolly pick it up anyways as I love me my RPGS.

Godmars2902992d ago

Is will the combat system be anything like what was first promised when the game was first shown.

Redempteur2992d ago

and what was promised ?? i follow WKC since the first reveal back then..and i don't know what they promised that they didn't include

knights fights ? (they are)
customisable combos (they are)
Online ( of course )
customisable town ( for quests and for better item/weapons/armors )
Please state what they promised that they didn't bring in the end..

Even the first leaked gameplay trailer at E3 showed the same ATB bar with mostly the same speed ...

hazeblaze2992d ago

No, the combat was NOTHING like the first reveal of the game so many E3's ago. Of course we know now that was a CG trailer, as the graphics were also much more appealing in that trailer... but if you can't see the difference, you obviously were NOT following it from when they 1st announced it. The combat flow was that of real fighting (not the slow waiting on the ring), and they actually showed the ability to do combo's w/ your team mates unlike anything actually possible in the game. The game's concept was much grander... it may be that they had a larger vision than the hardware allows at this time... but I hope that's the direction that jrpg's go in, b/c it was awesome.

Godmars2902992d ago

There's also the thing about a monster w/o a ranged attack hitting you from dozens of feet away.

Redempteur2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

ok let's stop the e3 2006 reveal was a cutscene CG trailer , like eight days ..

Every trailer AFter this one showed the gameplay WKC got in final .. you got stuck in the first trailer and forgot to check the rest ?

here it is the CG trailer of e3 2006 ..:

HERE you go One of the first gameplay video we got ( TGS 2007 )

there was a E3 gameplay vid too but i can't find it ..
See the différence ??? you can RE start complaining that CGs trailers are not the real thing ...GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ...

THE GAMEPLAY of WKC was ALWAYS the one we've got ...

Godmars2902991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Just saying, that given the first trailer and what's been done on the PS3 so far, that the proposed gameplay if not the graphic quality should be more than possible in WKC2. If the dev put the work in.

There's also the issue of the online component being tacked on after the game was out in Japan. Now that that they've had the time to refine it, it can only be better. Hopefully.

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