VG Examiner Review | Zeno Clash - Ultimate Edition

Ex: "In April 2009, indie developer Ace Team released a unique and wholly imaginative gaming experience called Zeno Clash to PC gamers worldwide. Despite its lack of polish and limited budget, the game left a long-lasting impression because it delivered one of video gaming's original promises: the ability to transport players to a world completely different than their own.

Flash forward one year later. Atlus, a game developer and publisher respected for their traditional and engrossing RPG's as well as their deep line of quirky and unique IP's, has endorsed Zeno Clash wholeheartedly and released Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition to Xbox Live Arcade users with several bonus features, at a price that demands to be recognized as a steal."

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MxShade2962d ago

A strange looking game, to be sure, but definitely looks worth trying.

reluctant_gamer2962d ago

It definitely is...I want to see what they can do with a mammoth sized development budget!

Leupac2962d ago

This was a really great game and I enjoyed every minute of it. The review did a great job of describing the game and was very well written.