Diehard GameFAN First Look: Nail’d

Diehard GameFAN writes: "A couple of weeks ago, Chris Bowen and I attended a conference with Southpeak, where we got a first look at a new TNA game (which Chris discussed here), as well as a previously unannounced ATV arcade racer called nail’d. All the locales in the game are based on real life locations, though some liberties were taken to make them more conducive to the wild stunts seen in the game. We didn’t get to try out some tricks ourselves since it was a pre-alpha build, but we did get to see some racing in Yosemite. We saw the rider navigate around giant buzzsaws, having to time jumps right so that he landed on one of the makeshift bridges comprised of logs rather than end up in the churning water, and avoid a midair collision with a helicopter."

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