Killzone: The Art of War

Just a really cool user made Killzone 2 tribute. Check it out after the jump, and judge for yourself.

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Maddens Raiders3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I can understand the MK thing, but the KILLZONE vs. Killzone thing? Isn't the unaltered logo in all caps if I'm not mistaken? And literally the vid shows a lot more than just KZII, that's why I said KZ tribute not KZII, ahh you're killing me! Anyway if it flies, fine - if not kill it. I like it just the way it is.


Leathersoup3904d ago

I think it's Killzone vs Killzone because it's in game footage spliced together with the old FMV footage from ye olde E3.

solideagle13904d ago

wheres ur LAW(tekken) picture?
back to topic killzone can be AAA+++ game.

Maddens Raiders3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Not Law, though. 'Twas Bruce Lee. The Master.

360RULEZ3904d ago

more like

borezone : the art of suck


anyway, why is this "news" ? fan vids made by sony lemmings shouldnt even be on this site.

Shadow Flare3904d ago

maybe if you was shoved into that there warzone, you'd find it a little more exciting

pwnsause3904d ago

example, ranbow colored gheylo

1337 gamer3904d ago

its very simple ok. if your not interested in the news... dont go into the article instead of talking BS about how you think the game sucks. do you understand how it works or do you need me to break it down for you ?

VaeVictus3904d ago

It's all he has to do. His 360 is probably in the mail somewhere on it's way to be repaired again. He has to come make fun of other people whose consoles actually work. Inferiority complex is apparent.

SuperSaiyan43904d ago

Krapzone 2: The Art of Bore...

The animation in KZ2 looks terrible pre-alpha? Wow its taken them how many years to bring out a pre-alhpa?

You see thats the thing, give devs more and more space and the longer it takes for any games come out and still doesnt prove if they will look or even play well.

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The story is too old to be commented.