Diehard GameFAN Preview: Hexyz Force

Diehard GameFAN writes: "Over the weekend, I sacrificed a Friday night out to view a demo of the newest Sting/Atlus RPG, Hexyz Force. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese Role-Playing Games, though I’ve been ambivalent on the market as of late due to some uninspired offerings that play up vapid female characters at the expense of everything else, including the player’s budget. Games like Mimana: Iyar Chronicles are indicative of what’s wrong with the medium nowadays: lots of sizzle (and boobs) and a full price tag, but no substance to speak of. The only recent JRPGs I’ve even liked are Persona 4 and Crimson Gem Saga. Fortunately, Atlus brought over both of those games, and after Friday, I have some faith that Hexyz Force might be on that level."

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