LBP: Mechanical Objects and Motorized Wheels

Here is a new video demonstrating ways in which mechanical objects will be able to be created and interacted with in Little Big Planet. Watching the video in full reveals the contents from the above description.

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FordGTGuy4167d ago

I've been doing this in Garry's Mod for a couple years.......

AllroundGamer4167d ago

i have also played with Garrys mod for some time, but this looks just to be more fun, also the interaction with objects when they grab it, is better than in Garrys mod. This is definitely a must buy title.

Crazyglues4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

I am going to build one amazing level as soon as I get my hands on it. I got a whole theme of a video game I'm going to use.

Trust me it's going to be Amazing, can't wait -wish they would do a demo since we now have a heavenly sword demo coming.

clownfacemcgee4167d ago

Since it's online, I believe that would be a beta, not a demo. And I'm really really really praying for an open beta.

P4KY B4167d ago

This could be the one game to entice me back to sony.

Everything else from GT5, KZ2 to lair are just new versions of old ideas but LBP looks genuinely different.

Well played Sony!

R0l34167d ago

So because you get to build your own levels, that automatically makes it inferior to Garry's mod?

No.1 this is aimed at people who want to have fun building levels, not get confused and annoyed by how many boosters need to be on the back of a Carbine jeep to make it go forward and not sideways.

This game's aimed at both beginners and more advanced types of players, therefore we'll end up getting all kinds of levels based around different difficulties.

AllroundGamer4167d ago

hehe great comment, bubble for you sir :)

FordGTGuy4167d ago

The game has been moded to such an extent that you can even build working combustion engines that can be hooked up to a drivetrain. You can also wire simple to very advance electronics. From time bombs to advanced clocks. Theres even a new mod that allows you to create powerplants to make power then create energy storage units and use the energy to power an air compressor that will compress air into an air tank that will help run an environmental system for space travel. LBP will be fun but will in no way be on the same level as Garry's Mod.

If all you did in Garry's Mod is put thrusters on a Jeep thats just the level of your creativity.

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The story is too old to be commented.