Atomic Gamer: Finding a Balance in DRM

Atomic Gamer writes: "It's been a tough few years for PC gamers with regard to anti-piracy measures. The platform is already a tough one to crack, as companies like Blizzard can make PC-only games that sell millions of copies along with pulling billions in subscriptions, and web games like Zynga's Farmville pull in ridiculous numbers through its connections with Facebook. But the games with the biggest budgets are still on consoles, and while our current position in the console cycle means lots of PC ports, we've seen some problems with anti-piracy."

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Raypture2843d ago

there is no balance, DRM only hurts legit customers in the end, you can argue that prince of persia failed without DRM but it was already released on console and most PC gamers own consoles to play games that don't come to PC. They probably played it on console before PC came, not fact, but something that is more than likely truth. In reality all DRM does is encourage people to pirate like the DRM ubisoft has with AC2, if you're on the go a lot and have a laptop you will not be able to play it constantly.