GameDaily: Red Dead Redemption: Better than GTA IV?

GameDaily writes: "Grand Theft Auto IV was a phenomenal game. It had Niko Bellic, Gay Tony, chicks rubbing up on each other and a bowling alley. Hell, Liberty City made us forget about the Big Apple, at least for a little while; man cannot feast on virtual ladies alone. We spent hours screwing around, completing missions and shooting those dirty flying rats. Just thinking about it makes us want to replay the whole thing."

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drdistracto7072806d ago

...than any open world game out there

Serjikal_Strike2806d ago

it is rockstars best yeah..i expect it to be better than any GTA

topdawg1222806d ago

Better than San Andreas? I wouldn't go that far, but story wise it looks to be better than any GTA. Totally hyped for this game, I'm just not sure if it's going to be as exciting as a city in a GTA game with cars, helicopters and some badass guns. Hopefully the multiplayer can be really good, like what GTA IV was supposed to be.

ThanatosDMC2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Yeah, im biased too because CJ was so freaking awesome. But this is a different game so im keeping an open mind. Besides a knife fight with a bear is so drool worth experience.

I'll probably want my own Dog Meat in this game if that were possible. I mean, there's cougar animation so there's probably coyotes or wolves or something here. I want a trust worthy dog following me around.

pimpmaster2805d ago

just wait till mafia 2.. omg i think i just jizzed myself mentioning that

JoySticksFTW2805d ago

While Game Informer gave RDR a 9.75, they also said that it's more of the same Rockstar errand boy missions seen in all GTA's.

Vice City stands out to me for it's time period greatness.

San Andreas stands out because of it's characters, storyline, rpg elements, and all of the wacky FUN (what happened GTAIV?) things you could do.

The emphasis for GTAIV was realism and grittiness, but it sucked the life out of the game.

If RDR remember's that it's supposed to be fun to play first and foremost, it should be the better game. Besides, RDR will be better than GTAIV simply because I don't have to put up with IV's crappy driving. GI mentioned that the horses handle beautifully.

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sixaxis2806d ago

does anyone know if RDR has mic support? would be so much easier to chat with other posse members and give orders.

topdawg1222806d ago

Yeah I agree about Mafia 2, that looks like it's going to have an awesome story. I also like how the city changes as time passes from 60's to the 70's and to the 80's.

ReservoirDog3162806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Well the reason I loved GTA IV (see my bio) was the story. It was just unbelievably good. Plus, the game was fun and I did like the vehicle controls and (crazy, I know) I actually liked picking up my friends and listening to them. They were all very very very well written.

But I have high hopes for RDR. I've been looking forward to it since I first heard R* was making a western. So, we'll just wait and see.

edit: I also liked the slow controls (I'm the type of person who loved Killzone 2), lack of over-the-top stuff and overall serious mood. And I was blown away by how alive the city felt too. Liberty City was its own character in that game.

RememberThe3572806d ago

But it was what the game didn't do that made it seem like less of a game than San Andreas.

ReservoirDog3162806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I will give you that I hated by the time it finished I had somewhere around half a million to a million dollars and still nothing to buy.

And I did love San Andreas. I must've played that at least 8 times, each time at least 50 hours. But I always liked to play GTAs seriously. Not constantly running people over, driving sensibly, no cheat codes ect. And GTA IV felt like it was made exactly for me.

I can see where some people will get bored with its slow pace but I loved GTA IV pace so much I used to just take walks. Take in the scenery. Something I never do in most games.

edit: Also the clothes system. By the end I had so many clothes it took like 2 minutes to pick a new outfit each day (yeah I ate 3 times a day and picked new clothes and went to sleep at 2 a.m. every single day).

secksi-killer2806d ago

gta 3 was less than vice city, and vice city was less than san andreas. last gen, the gta series evolved with each new title, and i fully expect the same this gen.

i suppose that in the time alloted to making gta3 and gta4, they had to create the engine aswell. so in the games that followed/will follow, they didnt/dont have to spend countless hours on the engine(as it is already created), and can fully concentrate on adding more content to the game. as i said, the next game will be more than gta4.

and the same goes for red dead, the engine was already created, they have had to make the game only. i wonder what RDR wouldve turned out like if they had to build the engine from the ground up aswell within the dev cycle??

Shaman2805d ago

Hmm...R* San Diego(makers of RDR) made the engine,that is RAGE engine.It was used in GTA IV also and table tennis and MC LA.

secksi-killer2805d ago

i dont understand your point! could you elaborate please?

plus, are saying that r* north had no hand in the creation of the engine? and that they were just given the complete engine and told to make gta4??

i dont think that is true in the slightest!

i think that the next gta game will answer alot of questions regarding the evolution of the gta series this gen. if there is no step foward like there was last gen with each game, then i will stand corrected. until then, all this comparing gta4 to san andreas whilst blatantly ignoring the other gta games last gen. i will just put down to silly fanboys trying justify their "360 has gimped a generation" arguments.

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Xof2806d ago

GTA4 is hardly the "perfect" game so many people make it out to be. It had a number of issues--the two biggest ones, vehicle controls and the relationship system, simply won't be a part of RDR by virtue of the setting. That, alone, makes it the superior game--assuming all else is equal.

-Alpha2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I can totally see how and why GTA IV got 10/10s. It was a game that had a well dialogued story (never finished it though). The graphics were superb, the city was alive, the technical details were amazing and it had online too.

I REALLY do understand why it got 10/10 by some sites, I just didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to and as much as I did with former GTA titles.

And, because of that lack of fun factor I couldn't personally give it a 10/10.

Now, I expect RDR to be different because it actually seems to add a lot of the minigames/gameplay elements that GTA IV lacked. I also enjoy the setting more. I don't think I can afford it though right now but I have my eye cautiously on this title.

iceman062805d ago

When it came out it was technically pretty amazing. They actually attempted more realistic physics with cars (for better or for worse for some) and the city did feel more alive. So, I can agree. I think it was the overriding seriousness of the story that might have turned some off...considering that the previous GTA's didn't really take themselves seriously. I, however, liked the story. As you stated...there was a certain lack of the same fun-factor that didn't hold me until the end.

ThanatosDMC2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Vehicle controls were pretty perfect if you know how to control it. They act like normal cars. Maybe you're putting too much pressure on your gas pedals?

What i didnt like about the vehicles is that the camera is not fixed behind the car so turning kinda sucks. I hate getting my car damaged.

facelike2806d ago

I agree that the vehicle controls were great in GTA IV. To drive well in that game, drive in first person. It's like driving a real car plus it's easier to avoid the other cars on the road.

I like it when you are driving full speed in first person view then ram into a car head on, sometime Niko will fly out of the car. One time, the person in the other car flew out and landed on my windshield. So great!

DelbertGrady2806d ago

I hope so. I never even finished GTA IV because the lack of checkpoints became really annoying.

ThanatosDMC2806d ago

Save points. There's a lot of places to eat for health. Armor is easy to acquire if you know where to go. Taxi money is almost non-existent especially if you kill the driver after using it.

Cyrus3652806d ago

Rockstar just knows how to make good open world games, now they are done with this, can Agent and GTA V be too far behind?

King Hippo2806d ago

Rockstar North > Rockstar San Diego

DORMIN2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Although, I still think this will be better than GTA4 just because of how unique and fresh it is.

Millah2806d ago

This is true, however it does seem like Rockstar San Diego really outdid themselves with this game, because it looks pretty incredible.

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