Dear Mr President, a Playstation is more than just a distraction

Bitmob's Juan Letona argues; President Obama in a speech to the graduating underclass of Hampton University, sparred a few words that shocked loyal techies and gamers. The president bashed on the Playstations and iPads. Instead of crying foul and murmuring "from my dead cold hands" lets look at some key topics.

Irony is thick from all angles, but let us start with Obama's words from the graduation. First, are his words being taken out of context? The president was speaking at a graduation giving a commencement speech. These speeches often resort to be an inspirational message as the graduates embark on a new journey in their new path of life. We attend every year, is it only now we pay attention to what speaker says?

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Dylantalon12904d ago

the author of this article is an imbecile and i wont go into details about it because it's easy to decipher president Obamas comment about video games being a distraction.

acronkyoung2904d ago

You feel he is wrong, but you just call him a name and say you won't say why because it is obvious. Those are the words of someone with no argument or ability to hold their own in a civilized discussion.