Inside Look: Yakuza’s Project K First Trailer

Following the announcement of Yakuza’s Project K release date on the PSP, the first trailer to the game has finally been released.

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ShadyDevil2872d ago

More and more info keeps surfacing

PPNSteve2872d ago

I hope it gets a North America release.

MightyMark4272872d ago

It's more likely that this will come out in North America. Yakuza 3 sold well so, hopefully my hunch is correct

MightyMark4272872d ago

Oh, I thought it sold well. O well

Abriael2871d ago

For a game that was released cut, with absolutely zero promotion, and a year after it's Japanese release, it sold pretty damn well. It's easy to see that with a decent promotion and uncut it could do much, much better.

Abriael2871d ago

The trailer actually gives quite a few info about the backstory and shows a few interesting detail (like the return of the hostess club that you administer in Yakuza 2, marietta, and of one of the hostesses in Yakuza 3, Mika Tsuchiya)
here's a bit more info: http://classygamer.blogspot...