Xboxic: Is Project Natal Really Called Kinect?

Xboxic Reports: "On April 26th 2010, Microsoft filed a US Patent for a new product called ‘Kinect’ and listed it under computer software, computer hardware, and computer peripherals. An International Registration is pending, but Microsoft have revealed no details about the new hardware anywhere."

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aviator1892869d ago

Keep it Natal. Sounds pretty good as is.

Silentmerc3nary2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I dunno. Sounds okay I spose. All I could get out of Kinect is Kinetics (ie Study of Motion)? And connect, of course.

thisisxbox2869d ago

I'm so used to it being Natal, I couldn't imagine it anything else - but it was only yesterday that I realised the correct way to say it is "Nuh-tal" where as I have been calling it "Nay-tal" :)

Kinect is a bit weird, but if that is the correct name, I can see why Kinect would be chosen, because of Kinetics, a new word like Kinect ensures that there are no worldwide problems with spelling, labeling etc - but they still could have picked something better...

We'll see I guess, not long til E3 now...