ModNation Racers 411: News on fixing load times, PS Move integration, & a certain other kart racer

IGN had the chance to talk with Dan Sochan of United Front Games and Vernon Mollette, producer from Sony San Diego. Here's what they had to say about the game, future DLC, and the possibility of playing with a wheel peripheral.

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xYLeinen2990d ago

Thumps up for United Front Games. Addressing a problem like this so fast. Really means a lot on my part that developers support the community for their games and always give feedback as we give them feedback.

Modnation Racers already pre-ordered a while back and I get more excited each day. Now I actually get a game where I don't have to say this to my little sister; "This game is to advanced, you'll never manage to play it".

catguykyou2990d ago

What a horrible thing to tell your little sister. Encourage kids to attempt as many overly complex things as possible. Not only do they process new information at a much better rate than adults, it enforces a familiarity of challenging themselves. Kids who grow up being told things are too complicated for them or not to try something because it's too hard end up taking that mentality through life. They won't challenge themselves, wont strive to be better, and over all perform below standard.

Best approach is to encourage the challenge, not coddle them when/ if they fail, push the learning from failure idea, and you will be the best big brother/sister/parent ever.

No one can be whatever they want to be, no matter how hard they try. However being the best that you can possibly be is something that everyone should strive for.

Elimin82990d ago

Best comment on N4G PERIOD........ bubbles plus...

BannedForNineYears2990d ago

Fixes load time? Late update much? Why not have this be part of the game? -_-
Would have made the review scores higher.......

LeonSKennedy4Life2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Disagree with this comment if you like dudes. :)

Christopher2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Because there are time limits in place for release and only so much can get done. The game isn't broken, but can be improved. I know a lot of games that release in a similar state, but the developers have no intention of improving the games post-release regardless of the issues present because there aren't bugs.

I hate it as much as everyone else, but there has to be a business element in place to set schedules and release dates, otherwise games would likely go through eternal review processing until all the small elements have been taken care of.

shadow27972990d ago

Late update? The freakin' game hasn't even been released yet.

DeeBee2990d ago

The game may not be "released" yet, BUT it has been finalized and has gone gold. Right now factories are pumping out millions of copies and shipping them all over the US so that stores will have them ready for the release date.

Seriously, do people really think that when a game is released that programmers are working on it right until that very day!? No, the game will have been finished weeks ago.

shadow27972990d ago

Apparently they are still working on it or he wouldn't be talking about patches and DLC, would he? Don't patronize me. I know the process.

An update is generally something that updates something. Crazy I know. A Day 1 *Update* is about as early of an update as there can be, isn't it?

The game isn't broken. There's just a bit of an annoyance in the load times. UFG is working to lessen that annoyance on their own dime. They couldn't have the fix ready for the reviewers, but they're working to have it patched for the consumers.

harrykid32 is basically whining because he wanted ModNation Racers to have a higher metacritic score than it does. Apparently it doesn't matter that he doesn't have to worry about long load times. But IGN did, and it's a big deal, clearly.

It's an update. A late update would be 6 months or even years from now. Again, you can't be earlier than a day 1 update. And right now, we don't have any reasons to believe that this isn't a day 1 update.

Ju2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

First concern for the developer must be "it works" and it is designed properly (for later updates).

In a downloadable scenario you can have big files which take forever to download or small files which require more juice to build on the fly (they actually compile the world).

So, they have a world "compiler". Good thing with such a compiler is, generation 2, 3, 4 or 5 can be optimized heavily; a filessize not so much (new compression won't fix old levels, also, you wouldn't want to change the file layout to much to keep it compatible).

If they work on this, they will hopefully speed things up eventually. Code can be optimized more than data. Review backslash might have "helped" to put a bit more focus on the matter.

BannedForNineYears2990d ago

Thanks Leon......
And I read the article.
I'm saying it's late as in they should have put the update on the review copies of the game.

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LeonSKennedy4Life2990d ago

Is anyone else getting this on day one?

PSN - JacobIsHollywood

washingmachine2990d ago

when the beta hit i thought it was kinda cool,but them load times turned me off the sameday and to read that they didnt even have this in the actually game,but waited for a patch to do so is crazy

POSTERBOY342990d ago

cant wait till amazon ship it PSN-posterboy34

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