IGN: How Microsoft Could 'Win' E3

Every year, videogame developers and publishers the world over gather to show off their latest entertainment software and gadgets. Around the same time, fans of said products gather on the Internet to debate who won this undeclared war. It's E3 2010 and it's coming in just a few weeks. This year's battle is looking to be one of the biggest ever.

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blu_yu_away2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Without a doubt all eyes will be on Natal. Whether or not it can deliver will set the tone for MS for the next few years. If Natal proves to be functional and MS shows off some hardcore games utilizing the device I think it will quiet a lot of doubters. If not, I think it may force MS to jump into the next console generation quicker than it would like.

MerkinMax2867d ago

The gamers will be the ones who win this year with all the great games releasing. I'm honestly looking forward to all the presentations.

blu_yu_away2867d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. So far this year has been the greatest year in gaming I can remember with the likes of Mass Effect 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell Conviction and the impending releases. The best thing is that it is only the beginning of May. I cannot wait to see what all of the big 3 bring to the table as well as all of the other developers.

SixZeroFour2867d ago

yea, why is it that a specific company (ie sony, ms or nintendo) has to "win" this event? US the GAMERS win, isnt that all that matters

unless of course, anyone holds shares in the companies, thats a different matter

vhero2867d ago

"All eggs in a basket" Comes to mind with MS this year at E3.. Though they are relying on the big 3 gears/halo/natal everything else fable etc... will be great to watch but won't be the big hitters. I reckon Sony has more to play this year after MS stole a couple of exclusives last year.

avengers19782867d ago

They Can't. For the most part MS puts more time into what celebs they can have then anything else.

R2D22867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

What does the winner at E3 get? Do they get like a trophie or money - do gamers benefit from this win?

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-Alpha2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I expect a lot of Motion control stuff from both Sony and MS.

There are so many PS3 games are lined up while MS is largely in the dark. They have always been like that though and they have always managed to give a few surprises. But I can't imagine what.

We have the usual Halo Reach Single Player which I have high hopes for...Gears 3, etc.

But I would love to see some new IPs that aren't Natal-based or Halo or Gears, as great as a franchise those are. MS is the underdog going in and though the lack of announcements is creating doubt I'm hoping they offer some new things and strongly doubt they'll go down without a fight. Why do we need somebody to win anyway?

Whatever happened to E3 being an event where Gamers won? Are people so concerned about the competition that they have no faith in their own console delivering? Hasn't E3 been about your console and not about how they do in comparison to the other guy? It's all so silly.

FreeFalling2867d ago

Unlike Sony and Nintendo, who hype most, [not all, but most] of their killer exclusives many months or a few years before their release, while as Microsoft come out of nowhere with surprises. With what we know about Reach, GeOW3, and Fable, I can expect to see MS to come out with bigger and awesome-er surprises for this year's E3.

heroicjanitor2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Well last year ms had nothing all year then announced odst and left 4 dead 2 at e3? Both not full games depending on who you ask. This time I think we already know what's coming out for ms, the usual suspects fable halo and gears. I think most of the rest will be natal. Just my opinion but I think Sony have the freshest line-ups, usually having a diverse range and a few new ips.

Edit: Can't believe I forgot forza.. Great game

Whoooop2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

That crap about MS showing their games late in the year is a myth.

They always leave the obvious (the Gears's, Fable's, Halo's, etc.) unannounced/semi-announced games for E3 so they can make fanboys rejoice on the fictional idea that they have secret new games coming.

secksi-killer2867d ago

for this "fictional idea" that you mentioned, why is it i always manage to buy a large amount of games for my 360. an amount amount hat pretty much equals the same amount of games i buy for my ps3????

sigh: same fanboys spewing the same rubbish. i'm sorry, but i dont think every sony exclusive is great,a just like i dont every microsoft exclusive is great. they both have good, great, average and poor games..

anyway, i have a feeling that GAMERS (not fanboys)with 2 or 3 systems like me are going to win E3. i have high hopes that both sony and microsoft are going to be impressing me greatly this year...frankly, i cant wait!!!

Hotel_Moscow2867d ago

wait multiplat form games because a lot of games microsoft showed last year at e3 was multiplatform games like really

Whoooop2867d ago

@ killer

I think my point went right over your head...