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Persistantthug2986d ago

When it comes to Gamepro, typically, there doesn't seem to be many games they don't like.

So in this case, When GAMEPRO says your game isn't know something's wrong.

RageAgainstTheMShine2986d ago

I will pass on Lost Planet 2. It feels so Dark Void-ish and Bionic Commando-ish and the demo sucked big time.

These games feels so empty and lifeless with out no Capcom Magic and Quirkiness like the old but gold games.

Capcom should stop their Western pretensions and stop out sourcing and leave the development to talented Japanese.

They should have made versions of their Wii games on the PS3 because the audience don't did on FPS on the PS3. That is why their trying-hard to be Western games didn't sell on 360 and Ps3 compared to Wii.