Virtual Reality Without Glasses? Wii Makes It Happen

A recent video posted on Youtube shows virtual reality, but without the glasses. Just need a Wii, ShowWX miniature laser projector, a Wii Remote and a Spacepoint Fusion gyrometer(to aim).

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Meodia_Art2959d ago

The Move will be better to do virtual reality's because of the built in gyrometer?

ipwnall2959d ago

Agreed. The whole concept is awesome!

N4g_null2959d ago

The move has this and so does the motion plus but what he is using is a step up I've had that gyro for a while. He needs like one more and a proxy of some sort to stop drift otherwise he will run into a wall lol.

But seriously this is the true reason for motion control things are only coming out as refined steps.

Motion plus respresents the controller
balance board is the proxy can also be used to solve motion sickness and lost of balance
the 3ds represent the display tech and portable system.

The peaces are coming together great. It almost seems like nintendo choose sd just to get more time to work on this. It's not who gets their first it's which one actualy works.

NSG2959d ago

Wii is trying to stay in the game I see.