E3 2010: The Most Important Event in Gaming History?

Could this E3 be the most important gaming event known thus far?

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tdogchristy902965d ago

I would have to agree with him, in that, this console generation has been so mind blowingly amazing it's hard to imagine how they can completely justify a new generation unless they pull magic bunnies out of there hats. And without another generation there is no need to continue the gaming genre. So yes I do feel like some major changes may be coming our way.

blu_yu_away2965d ago

This E3 has been in the making since this console generation began. The generation is now full on in its prime. I truly believe we have yet to see the best games that either PS3 or 360 has to offer. With the competition between Sony and MS really heating up I expect them both to come out gun's blazing.

Nathan Drake22965d ago

developers can't do much with x360 because it's maxed out long time ago.wii is shit like always-mario,zelda,metroid just like last 25 years. only ps3 can create amazing exclusives. there is no justice in this world. ps3-the best console this gen is in 3th place