E3 2010 Panel Discussion and Predictions

So, every year the amazing and wonderful Electronics Entertainment Expo comes along (more widely known as E3). The biggest in America, and more than likely the world, it’s an industry-changing time. New technologies are shown, new games, new consoles, anything in the entertainment industry you can think of. However, the main source of attraction is held within the realm of video games. The big three: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft come here looking to veritably bloody their opponent’s faces. While it may seem a harmless presentation of things to come, it’s a stressful time for most people involved. So in anticipation of this event, I gathered my comrades here at This Is My Joystick, and gave each of them a question to call their own. Without further ado, here are our answers:

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RayWillmott2987d ago

Some nice observations and opinions in here. I can't wait for E3!