Upcoming Game 'Pillowfight Girls' Does What It Says On The Tin

AppGamer writes "I always thought most fighting games were missing something, I just couldn't quite figure out what. Now I-Play Gaming have stepped forward suggesting that "pillows" are the final ingredient to perfect the genre, hence their new title "Pillowfight Girls"

Join a wild cast of sexy ladies in the exclusive Pillowfight Championship! Prove that your fighting skills are worthy of master status by delivering a feathery beatdown to every challenger that comes your way. Can you fight like a girl?"

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sinncross2987d ago

potential sex appeal wasted on the iphone... should be an HD game!!!

seinfan2987d ago

lol, it looks so retarded. I thought it would at least look realistic.

Nitrowolf22986d ago

yeah i saw that picture and thought that

coolcut1352986d ago

who is desperate enough to play this ??

ClownBelt2986d ago

We got three contenders for GOTY ...

The text game, the vagina one and this will be the third one. This is shaping to be one of the best year of gaming so far.

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