MAG (Massive Action Game) Gets a Hefty Price Drop

MAG, also known as Massive Action Game for the PlayStation 3, features online play with up to 256 players. Today it received a hefty price drop, allowing gamers to join in on the action.

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MattyF2992d ago

Sounds about right. It has been out for a decent amount of time so a price drop was bound to happen before E3.

garos822992d ago

i havent bought it yet due to monetary issues plus i still need to pick up a few older titles i havent managed to get. This definately pushes it up my wanted list!

RememberThe3572992d ago

I got the game from GameFly for a little less than 40 and it was a great deal at that. For 30 it's even better.

WhittO2992d ago

I haven't got it simply because it doesn't look to be that good. I have heard many people complain about bugs etc and the game itself being very complicated ?

Anyway, I'm waiting on Resistance 3 & Killzone 3, that is enough FPS for me

Trroy2992d ago

Once you get into MAG, you will not go back to other FPS shooters.

Everything else is... I dunno... empty and boring now?

Chubear2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I mean anything less than 16v16 seems pointless to me.

They either feel so empty or you feel like they put you and 15others on a map the size of a finger nail to help ramp up the action. I end up feeling like a mouse in a tiny lab maze doing the same thing over and over again.

Like I said, 16v16 is the bare minimum for me now when it comes to FPS online. I may over look it for small $9.99 Downloadable games but anything above a $30 price point has to have atleast 16v16 for me to consider putting my money on it.

RememberThe3572992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Then I got the controls feeling right and everything started to fall into place. The more I play it the more fun it gets. I stopped playing Bad Company 2 when I got MAG. No other online game can hold a candle to it except Killzone 2 IMO.

ThanatosDMC2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I completely agree with Trroy. After MAG, every online multiplayer FPS game seems extremely lacking.

Yeah, it's an uphill learning curve especially if you're used to games like MW. You'll die a lot and wont be able to aim for crap... but once it clicks everything seems right.


Sm0k3y_Bac0n2992d ago

I really didn't like MAG. It does get better, but i'd still only class it as mediocre. Much prefer BC2 and tbh I think even MW2 is better than MAG.

MysticStrummer2992d ago

Unfortunately Zipper and Sony overestimated the masses. The masses want to play a mindless run and gun type game instead of having massive battles that involve many possible routes and strategies. I've been playing FPSs for too long maybe but for me there is MAG and then there is everything else. Resistance, Halo, Modern Warfare, Killzone... all the same to me. Battlefield tries to be better than those games but after MAG it feels empty and boring. MAG does what I always wanted an FPS to do. It puts me in a giant battle instead of a minor skirmish. You know when you have those epic "storming the beach" type levels in the single player campaigns for most FPSs? Well MAG is the online version of that except you can actually go over to where all those faraway soldiers are fighting in the distance instead of being stuck in a linear path with only the illusion of an epic battle. Hopefully this price drop will bring in more people, but I've always wondered why an online only game gets automatic points deducted from it's score. A single player only game doesn't get the same treatment, yet the online only game will get more playtime.

Heartnet2992d ago

if taking objectives is to complicated then what is easy? xD

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MightyMark4272992d ago

It's been out for almost 5 months now. Now i have a reason to get it! Hopefully it won't disappoint

Kamikaze1352992d ago

Though I'll wait till the Summer when my semester finishes off

TheDuke772992d ago

Hope I can sell mine for a decent price first. Playing the same 3 maps (domination) since launch day is getting way to boring.

waltyftm2992d ago

Why not try sabotage or aquisition ?

MightyMark4272992d ago

ouch. How many maps are there anyway? If there are only 3.. thats bad =/

Trroy2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

There are 9 maps, but the big maps are basically split into 2 and 4 map-sized combat areas.

There are really more like (3 + 6 + 12) == 21 basically 64-player maps, where you can meander off to "another game" if you're into wandering off.

The big games end up with all the platoon map areas concentrated in one area, so it becomes a super intense, actual 256 player battle, but for much of the game, its a bunch of 64-player maps. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trolling, and probably hasn't even played.

There is definately not a lack of maps in MAG. In reality, there are basically 42 different maps, since each of the 21 maps I was talking about has two sides, which play very differently, and you have to vet and switch factions to play a map from the other side.

You don't get to explicitly pick a map you like, however -- you get assigned one. I think that's where many of the complaints stem from. That and most people only play Sabotage for some wierd reason (well.. they're in it for a quick-fix, I guess), which quite literally only has 3 two-sided maps. People don't seem to clue in that, if they all stopped playing Sabo, and started playing Dom, the games would launch much faster.

On top of that, different factions tend to favor particular map types -- thus, if you're Raven or Valor, you hardly ever see the (Valor or Raven, respectively) Dom map, because most of your games are against SVER, and if you're Valor or SVER, most of your Acquisition games are on your own turf, or against Raven.

HighDefinition2992d ago

is the size of 16

ATLGAMER2992d ago

Solid Mechanics...needs more maps

rob60212992d ago

the maps are huge, each domination map actually has 16 different defending and 16 different attacking points -each one plays out differently. Each acquisition map has 8 of each.

I do agree they should add another 3 sabo maps though, I understand the undertaking it would be to make other aquisition or domination maps - so doubt that would ever happen.

Silly gameAr2992d ago

OK. I might take that plunge now. I can get behind 30 bucks.

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