Red Dead Redemption Map

MyRockstar HQ writes - "Below is a Red Dead Redemption map created by me. The map includes all 3 territories, Nuevo Paraiso, New Austin, and West Elizabeth."

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El_Colombiano2811d ago

That's what...oh you made it too easy.

Kratos Spartan2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

you win! I dropped my sandwich laughing out loud! I'd give you my bubbles if i could! you just made his that much funnier!

AFatalPapercut2810d ago

gave ya a bub for that comment, hahahaha that made my day. That was the ultimate set up, oh man haha.

Brewski0072810d ago

Theres always one who takes it too far lol.

zeeshan8102811d ago

2x bigger than GTA IV Map.

Fishy Fingers2811d ago

Yeah but it will be far less populated than GTA. A good amount will be open vistas.

Croaker2811d ago

Should this be construed as a bad thing, Fishy? I personally am looking forward to those open vistas. The never ending sky and mountains. I'm looking forward to 'feeling' as though I am alone in the wilderness. As opposed to bumping into someone every couple of seconds or so.

Figboy2811d ago

simply stating a fact about the size of RDR in comparison to GTAIV.

as for the open vistas, it's one of the things i REALLY loved about Shadow of the Colossus. i remember spending a whole day just roaming around the landscape in SOTC, exploring environments.

it was cool exploring an area that a Colossi hadn't appeared in yet, because it was like discovering an old civilization. my wife loved to watch me play that game. an HD remake would put me in 7th heaven.

i recently got some money (a $100 credit thanks to moving in to my new apartment in January), so i may actually be able to get RDR after all. the more i follow the game, the more excited i get about it.

Brewski0072810d ago

Galloping through these open vistas like a mofo outlaw is gonna be sweet. This game should tie me over for a while when i get it :)

AFatalPapercut2810d ago

isn't the multiplayer "lobby" like an open world hub? where you and your posse (friends) can ride around ransackin stuff until you jump into a competitive mode?

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BubbleSystemSuck2811d ago

any comparison with... Panau or Liberty City?

LeonSKennedy4Life2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

4 times bigger than Liberty City.
2 times bigger than San Andreas.
Nowhere close to Panau. Lol. Did you even play that game? Holy FRICK! It's massive!

Edit: Yeah. It's freaking huge! It doesn't have jets to help you cross it either. Lol.

ThanatosDMC2811d ago

Twice as San Andreas! Wow, that'll take a while to fully explore since we'll be on horseback. I used to drive a bike around SA's freeway.

Gameplay9992810d ago

Yeah Panau is definitely vast and variant. However, you also have cars to get you around etc, but Red Dead Redemption, just good ol' horse and buggy and of course fast travel options but just roaming the plains on horseback, I bet traveling from one end of the map to the other will take 30 min real time! lol

It makes me wonder if they'll be a model A around anywhere, a suped up Model A with ummm.. a little nitrous!!!

legendkilla2810d ago

Just Cause 2 world is so huge it takes FOREVER to fly from one side to another/ driving takes WAY WAY too long!!!

BYE2811d ago

2 times bigger than San Andreas? Really?

That map was huge.

Kratos Spartan2811d ago

I believe Rockstar has said it's twice the size of San Andreas

AFatalPapercut2810d ago

Gotta love some of the views in the game. Some calendars, national geographics etc. can't touch on the impressiveness of RDR's vistas.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Hmm, can't get enter to that site.

EDIT: Is working now.

zeeshan8102811d ago

This site is working fine for me.

LeonSKennedy4Life2811d ago

Where is Spider-man: Web of Shadows' map? The Capitol Wasteland? Assassin's Creed 1 and 2?

My favorite open-world game is inFamous though...even though the world isn't as big as some others. On foot, it takes 15 hours to walk around. Lols.

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