EA Online Pass a Great Idea

Is EA right for introducing their online pass codes in their upcoming games…YES. Why is it that we as gamers feel like we are owed everything for nothing, if a game has DLC we complain that it was cut from the game or it was already on the disc and we are paying for an unlock code.

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blackboyunltd2959d ago

If you always buy games new this is no problem

dangert122959d ago

i understand why ea are doing this but there goes the days of taking a game round to a mates and having a good old time =/

aceitman2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

and 1 mine 1 is my sons i buy 1 game and we play that one game at different times on mine and on his so do i have to buy a code for one of us

JustTheFactsMr2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Yes. Only the account that purchased it will be able to play it on multiple consoles. Everyone else in your family is restricted to the initial console for on-line play using their own account.

What it means is you will have to pay $10 for every person times the number of consoles in your home if they want to play it on any machine like they can now. Even though you have the physical disk and can only play it on one machine in the first place.

IOW it's a scam for PSN users.

But the game companies have their shill sites like this one to lie to you and tell you it's a great thing.

And if your system dies and you need to re-install/download it then it will likely see it as a secondary system (since this won't be the first install anymore) and you won't have any machines that allow everyone to game on. Fork over another $10 per person again.

Bye Bye EA.