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xTruthx2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Man the lighting on this game is amazing

Faztkiller2903d ago

Yeah Its crazy

Also hope they add MLAA

- Ghost of Sparta -2903d ago

LBP2's already doing MLAA. Sony's Santa Monica Studio has been sharing it's tech with other PS3 developers lately so you can expect most, if not all, 1st party exclusives to do the same.

STARS2903d ago

Wow, talk about photo-realistic, good Lord.. Dare I say, definitive?

bnaked2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Photomode screenshots up to 20 mega pixels..

The incredible Lighting is the same though

I know, the grafics are totally awesome, the best i've ever seen in a racing game by far!
But to say that these screenshots are showing ingame grafics is simply a lie. I'm a huge GT-fan and i'm always defending this title, but let's stick to the truth ;-)
It's the same engine, but with a much higher resolution..

IHateYouFanboys2903d ago

they also wont be the same LOD car models as youll see in game. all other GT games had higher-res models, dont expect GT5 to suddenly buck the trend.

Polyphony are the KINGS of bullshots. always have been, always will. they virtually NEVER release actual in-game shots. the only other game i can remember in history that has released more touched up bullshots than GT5 is Uncharted 2.

DigitalAnalog2903d ago


You lost all credibility the moment you put Uncharted 2 and "bullshots" in the same sentence.

-End statement

Rhythmattic2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Please bring the Open Zone back !!!

IHateYouFanboys is the epitome of what he hates....

Just such a wonderful post history....

IHateYouFanboys2903d ago

unless Uncharted 2 suddenly got some sort of magical Anti-Aliasing that is not even possible on a high end PC, every screen they released is a bullshot.

here are some REAL Uncharted 2 screen shots captured from the in-game source:

and here are what Naughty Dog release, claiming to be in-game shots:

like i said, theyre bullshots. not only do they contain incredibly more high detailed character models, especially in the close up shots, they contain far more detailed textures, and insanely high levels of anti-aliasing that are simply not possible on these consoles, and probably not even the next generation of consoles. just TRY and find an aliased edge in the train shot, or the close up - there isnt a single one. yet the game is full of them, as it only has 2x anti-aliasing. theyre BULLSHOTS.

everyone does it, no doubt - but Polyphony and Naughty Dog do it the worst, and the most often. look at those U2 'screenshots' then look at the actual screenshots, and tell me that Naughty Dog didnt release bullshots.

spandexxking2903d ago

those are 2 of the most horrible screenshots for uncharted 2 that ive ever seen!
gamersyde has some crappy capture tech.

i agree on you with the naughty dog bullshots but the other 2 screens that youve provided are not what U2 looks like.

IHateYouFanboys2903d ago

they are what it looks like, because theyre actually taken in-game with no touch-ups and post processing added, and more specifically theyre not rendered at a much higher resolution and then downscaled to 1280x720 to remove jaggies and improve texture detail.

Heisenberg2903d ago

Those two screenshots are absolutely in no way what U2 looks like on a 1080p screen with proper settings. It's just not, I play it quite often and it looks absolutely stunning. Post your BS screenshots all you want, anyone who's played the U2 on a quality HD screen knows it looks as good as the screens you claim are bullshots.

Just give it up man, you're transparent, whether you like it or not, the game you're criticizing the graphics of is known around the world for blowing anything before it out of the water in terms of graphics (at least on a console), so go troll somewhere else.

thesummerofgeorge2903d ago

Uhh, actually dude, those "bullshots" are exactly what the game looks like. Either you've never played it, you have a crap TV, or you are just another fanboy looking for attention.... Or all of the above.

I do find it funny though how you posted those screens and then you were all like: "like I said... bullshots" as if to say, the screens looked so good, they must be bullshots! When in reality, you just payed U2 a compliment, cause it actually does look that good. And you hunting down a truly crappy screenshot won't change that.

PS, Is it just me, or do the worst fanboys always seem to have Usernames that say how much they hate fanboys? Must be some sort of inferiority complex or somethin.

SonyRulez2902d ago

firstly, anyone saying that Uncharted 2 looks BETTER on a 1080p HDTV is 100% wrong. it will look best on a 720p native tv, and worse on a 1080p tv as the games native resolution is 720p, not 1080p.

secondly, those screenshots IHYFB posted from IGN are bullshots. no, the actual game does NOT look that good. those screens are rendered 'in-game' at a resolution of like 8 times that of the actual gameplay and with added post procesing effects (especially anti-aliasing), then downscaled to 1280x720. this makes all the textures higher in detail, and literally eliminates Aliasing.

You could play 'spot the jaggie' on them and never win, because there isnt a single one. we know that the game has aliasing problems because we've all been playing it for months and we KNOW it has them. we can see them when you look at it on your tv. we KNOW the textures and character models dont look as good as those IGN screenshots, because again, we've got the game.

I completed Uncharted 2 on my PS3 on my 40" Sony Bravia V series (1376x768 resolution). this is closer to the native resolution of the game than a 1080p (1920x1080 resolution) tv, so it will look better. the game looks NOTHING like those IGN bullshots. the ACTUAL in-game shots that were posted by 2 people (IHateYouFanboys and spandexxking) are what it looks like. notice the lower resolution textures, lower polygon and resolution characters, and the aliasing.

I honestly cannot believe that some of you will continue to say that those IGN shots are 100% in-game. it astounds me. they are so obviously bullshots that words cannot express how blinded by sonys marketing that you must be to believe they are genuine in-game shots.

one of you please explain to me how a game that only has 2xMSAA and runs at 720p can have not a single jagged edge anywhere in the entire game, and have texture detail far above what is seen when we all play the game? please, just ONE of you explain the abundance of extra anti-aliasing.

they are 100% bullshots, and the final game - while very good looking - is NOWHERE near as good looking as those screens suggest.

Heisenberg2902d ago

You know just because you type the word "KNOW" in caps lock, doesn't mean it's true. You signed up a couple hours ago and come straight here to make a bitter rant about how IHYF's obviously crap screens ARE what U2 looks like, coincidence? Yeah maybe... Anyway, you can't convince me or anyone else in the know that U2 looks like crap (which is what those screens IHYF posted looked like... Crap!) cause we've seen it with our own eyes.

Go play the train sequence on a 1080p OR 720p quality HD television, and then grab a fork and eat your words, cause you're full of it.

Oh would you look at that... Another fanboy with an ironic name... How adorable! You kids.

SonyRulez2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

so you ........cant......explain the absence of aliasing in the "in-game" screenshots?

im pretty sure a 40" Bravia V Series is a quality tv, and ive completed Uncharted 2 on it. it looks good, but nowhere near as good as those bullshots.

are you HONESTLY saying that this:

is an actual 100% "what you see is what you get" in-game screenshot of Uncharted 2? you probably also think the PS3 will be pumping out all of its games in 1080p/60fps in 12 months time lol.

like i said - explain to me how those screenshots do not have a single jaggie in them. explain that to me.

if you cant, youre admitting 2 things: 1. youre a sony fanboy, and 2. that theyre bullshots.

Heisenberg2901d ago

All I know for sure, is that what I see on my television looks FAR closer to what you call bullshots than the obviously shîtty screens you say are what U2 actually looks like. I'm a layman when it comes to technical aspects, and I don't care, just like I don't care what TV you claim you have, I wouldn't know if it was true or not, what I do know for a fact is that what IHYF posted was a blatant misrepresentation of U2, and those "bullshots" look exactly like what I see on my HD television. I'm not a human jaggy detector, but between the screens IHYF/you say are bullshots and the ones you claim aren't, the ones you say are bullshots are by far the most accurate representation. And you can cry fanboy all you want, cause I must be a fanboy for disagreeing, but you're the one who made a second account just to back yourself up.

SonyRulez2899d ago

its funny because the actual screenshots that 2 people posted are 100% in-game captured from a regular persons PS3. the IGN ones are "screenshots" sent to press publications by Naughty Dog, a company that is wholly owned by Sony.

how exactly are the shots that werent released by Sony NOT what uncharted 2 looks like? you cant doctor a screenshot to add more jaggies in. you cant doctor the screenshots to remove texture detail without making it stand out like a sore thumb. you cant doctor screenshots to remove polygons from a character model.

the screenshots provided by Sony are rendered interally at huge resolutions using higher resolution textures, higher poly/resolution models, and with extra anti-aliasing. you cant just say 'well it looks like that on my tv', because it clearly doesnt. your copy of Uncharted 2 is no different to my copy of Uncharted 2, and when i play those exact same scenes on my Sony HDTV, there are jaggies everywhere, the textures are noticeably less detailed, and the character models are not that good, especially not in facial/skin/hair details. this doesnt change over different tvs or consoles.

again, do you REALLY honestly believe that this:

is what the game looks like while youre playing it? lol

youre not a fanboy for disagreeing - youre a fanboy for disregarding all facts and basic common sense in the argument and just saying 'it looks like that to me', with nothing to back it up.

the game CLEARLY does NOT have anywhere near that level of anti-aliasing. why? because no game in the entire existence of video games has EVER had that level of anti-aliasing!!! if naughty dog had solved the aliasing problem, dont you think we'd have heard about it? the hundreds of other games out there that have the EXACT same 2xMSAA still have jaggies, so why does Uncharted 2 supposedly have absolutely none? if you disagree with this simple fact, yes, it does make you a fanboy. the carefully selected and released screenshots are CLEARLY bullshots.

what do you say about the shots that spandex posted? do you think that this:

is also a 'blatant misrepresentation'? how can an exact screen capture of the game from the source - so what type of tv you have doesnt even make any difference - be a misrepresentation? note the incredibly large amount of difference, in texture detail and polygonal detail not only on the surroundings but on Drake, from the IGN bullshots? again, thats not something you can fake in a direct source capture.

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Shadow Flare2903d ago

IMO i would quite easily say that GT5 has the most realistic graphics of any console game to date

spandexxking2903d ago

ive always felt that GT has held the graphics crown on every console since the PS1.

hennessey862903d ago

yeah the lightings great and the car models are great and the graphics r stunning but if the sound effects havnt improved it will spoil the game gt5p wasnt up to scratch and after listening to forza 3 the cars sound real and also i was not liking the handling on the time trial demo so hopefuly they will tweak it because i havnt been impressed with gt game since gt3 a spec which was a stunning game by the way ill keep my fingers crossed

Faztkiller2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

But I didn't think Forza 3 sounded good I have yet to play a racing game with realistic sounds
Damn out of Bubbles :(

hennessey862903d ago

it sounds alot better than gran turismo n im not sum fanboy its my opinion forzas cars sound amazin a subaru sounds like a subaru and a ferrari sounds like a ferrari etc

hennessey862903d ago

the handling is not up to scratch only a fanbeach can look past it like i said im a huge gt fan but for me the last couple of games hav bin dissapointments it cant rely on graphics for ever forza 3 is th ebest racing game out there at the moment note RACING thats what gt is supposed to be but when i played gt5 p it was just a bunch of clowns using each other as breaks thats not racing if u do that in forza ur punished with damage so far ive only seen the cosmetic side in gt id like to see how it effects the racing because there are to many noobs who play gt and get away with bouncing u off the track gt 5 will sell well but it wont be on merit it will be on past success just l;ike metal gear solid four not even a patch on the sons of liberty

Myze2903d ago

I don't usually bother with this, but have you ever heard of punctuation and run-on sentences?

aaron58292903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Edit: stupid n4g... double post..

aaron58292903d ago

just because you cant handle the physics of the game, does not mean the handling is flawed.

Its like, you took your first ride in a 1000cc superbike, ride it for like 3 seconds, and crashed, you say the bike does not handle well.

Handling a speeding car is more difficult that an average video game. Experienced/pro drivers do occasionally make a mistake and crash. So, if your favourite game (Forza 3 in your case) the car may seem to handle so well, and you hardly make a mistake, that does not mean, that's how a real car would behave...

If you have friends who are competing racing drivers, they will tell you that, gt5 is acually closer to the actual feeling of how a car would react... BUT, you will need to play it with a steering wheel.. not with some stupid gamepad.

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EvilBlackCat2903d ago

do not let the graphics fool you

They call Gran Turismo the Real Driving simulator.

WHY NOT The Real Racing Simulator?

Come on polyphony where is your simulation info?

Gran Touring2903d ago

Simulation info? PD isn't probably going to divulge that info... although in my recollection, no one's really asked about GT5 on its technical level.
Fortunately, there's a bunch of people who can vouch for GT5's realism. There's the guys over at Nissan, Citroen, Mercedes, Ferrari, Audi, Lucas Ordonez, Sebastian Loeb, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mika Hakkinen... to name a few.
I don't know if you're really into racing or not, so I can't say I really expect you to recognize those names. But trust me they're pretty credible sources.

EvilBlackCat2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"There's the guys over at Nissan, Citroen, Mercedes, Ferrari, Audi, Lucas Ordonez, Sebastian Loeb, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mika Hakkinen... to name a few"

So i guess that we can say the same of Forza 3 right?

for example this guy comments at 1:10

but of course Nissan is going to talk great about GT

and yes i know who they are

But remember you can put cars that handle real close like in real life. What about giving you the power to build your own setups? im not talking just adding exhaust, turbo, springs etc. im talking about this:

Class A Corvette C1 Example Tune:

Tire Pressure:
Front: 33.5 psi
Rear: 34 psi

Final Drive: 2.39
1st: 2.89
3rd: 1.51
4th: 1.20
5th: 1.00
6th: 0.85

Front Camber: -0.9
Rear Camber: -0.4
Front Toe: 0.3
Rear Toe: -0.2

Sway Bars:
Front: 24.00
Rear: 1.00

Front: 765.5
Rear: 633.5

Ride Height:
Rear: 7.9









Remember this is more than just giving you a stock car that handle close like the real stock car.

Kleptic2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

^^you can adjust every single thing you just specified in GT2 on PS1...let alone 5...

if you are one of those trying to say...again...that GT has been 'unrealistic' at driving mechanics and are isn't regarded in the automotive industry as THE racing franchise because of just pretty graphics...its the best readily available commercial driving simulator to consumers...period...

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alphakennybody2903d ago

I Can't wait for release date announcement.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Another GOTY contender.

But I'm sure people will hate that.

I'm wondering if this game will come in 2 Blu ray Discs, or 1 of those new Blu ray disc of high capacity, more than 100GB in one disc.

The content is massive huge.

Steve_02903d ago

I'd expect dual layer blu-ray, ala MGS4, up to about 50 gigs. This game is so huge though that even that may be a stretch... But I wouldn't expect 2 discs, after the Forza 3 criticisms. I haven't heard of a ps3 game using 4 layer blu ray (100GB) before, as I understand its possible, but introduces a good chance of reading errors and bad sectors when writing the blu ray...

LOLconsoles2903d ago ShowReplies(5)
stonecold12903d ago

on ps3 day 1 buy for me cant wait thought

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