PSLS Presents – Steve Stamatiadis, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Krome Studios

PSLS writes: Blade Kitten, the exclusive mini-series for the PlayStation Network, starring a part-cat, part girl protagonist, Kit, is set to release later this year. To discuss the episodic game, its relation to the comic, and the future of the Blade Kitten universe, PlayStation LifeStyle talked to the creator and director of Blade Kitten as well as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Krome Studios, Steve ‘Space Captain’ Stamatiadis.

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doctorstrange3137d ago

Looks like a pretty fun game

decimalator3137d ago

I will have to check this game out, I don't understand it but it sounds interesting

doctorstrange3137d ago

About a part girl, part cat based on a Australian Manga by Steve Stamatiadis.

T3mpr1x3137d ago

There better be a demo for something like this!