Nissan Motul GT-R on GT5’s Tokyo R246

"Things are pretty quiet as we wait for E3. Thankfully, to keep things interesting, our old friend mimaximax is back in action and has delivered a fresh video clip. This time, though, instead of his notoriously funky tunes, we actually get to hear the in-game sounds. According to the description, the video was recorded “from a 1080p Bravia screen (KDL-40X2000), in 1080i using a tripod, a Canon Legria HF200 and a Zoom H2 recorder”. Enjoy!"

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Faztkiller2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Should I be concerned that I get an erection when I see this game?

ian722808d ago

You should be concerned if you didn't get an erection.

Faztkiller2808d ago

Add Dirt oval racing, Drag racing, and Track editer and I would never need another racing game Till GT 6

waltyftm2808d ago

Very nice, now all we need is a 100 % solid release date please sony