New Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming Soon; A New World to Explore?

If you thought Mass Effect 2 was done with DLC, think again. Bioware announced today that there will be new downloadable content for Mass Effect 2.

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MattyF2809d ago

They have given this game a lot of support. A new world would be great to explore.

Chubear2809d ago

This game will look like a great deal when it comes to the PS3 later on cause you know all these DLC will be included on one disc.

That would probably be too good a purchase value to pass up especially with ME1 included.

MEsoJD2809d ago

hope the whole thing is longer than the Kasumi DLC.

MightyMark4272809d ago

I hope they do a big expansion like what they did with Dragon Age.

joydestroy2809d ago

i'd like to see a big expansion as well

PPNSteve2809d ago

Glad they're not forgetting about this game.. More is always better.

Megaton2809d ago

Whatever it is, it better be reasonably priced. Even if they charged 400 MSP for Kasumi they'd be pushing it. At 560 it's a total ripoff.

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