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Alan Wake, first announced back in 2005 and now in my reviewing hands, is the tale of a writer searching for the wife that the darkness of Bright Falls has taken from him. Already, you can see that Alan Wake has great focus on the powers of darkness, as well as the opposing power that is light. As Alan, players control the power of light in their hands in the form of a simple flashlight which, alongside a gun, may be all he needs to save his beloved wife, Alice.

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alphakennybody2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

lmao! this person better fix this score typo asap.

Ghoul2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I have bought the game yesterday, and anyone with at least a bit of taste, or anyone that calls himself a gamer will enjoy this game.

Anyone incapable of enjoying a game whatever plattform it runs on should stop gaming all together.

I love it, its awesome tbh.
and anyone claiming it wouldn`t look gorgeous is a troll. It looks stunning.
Play it you wont regret it. (and please font tell me anything about taht subhd or lowres crap, it looks very very good, even better in motion)

The lights are one of its own, awesome style and look

The story is incredible and i never played a game with such a unique form of storytelling.

jakethemuss2989d ago

You should take a leaf from your own book and STFU.

Ghoul2989d ago

god i miss the open zone

gaffyh2989d ago

Yeah, it's good, but I don't see the Halo/Gears crowd liking it (i.e. only those that like shooters). It's getting kinda repetitive for me already, and I'm only at the end of episode 2.

Graphics - Environments look great, character models are good but a little iffy. Love motion blur on camera movement. Noticeable frameskipping on vehicle movement in cutscenes (I've installed to HDD).

Story - As I said, only at the end of episode 2 so far, and the story is a little too simple imo (or slightly childish). I actually cringed at the bit at Cauldron lake lodge, also memory loss is too convenient for what should be a more complicated story.

Gameplay - Kinda repetitive right now, don't like how you start from nothing every 10 mins it seems. Like you have full bullets and 3 guns one second, cutscene, nothing in your inventory. That happened at least 3 times from the start of the game. I wish it was more like silent hill and had an actual city to walk around in, so far it's been like this: Run through forest, kill guys, get to a building, cutscene. And then it repeats (obviously mixed up a little, but that's the jist of it.

7/10 from me so far, still haven't played even half of the game so it could get a lot better.

kaveti66162989d ago

Shooting games are repetitive, too. So that's not an issue. I love Gears and Halo and I think I will love Alan Wake. Well-rounded gamers don't stick to any genre or gameplay style for too long.

poopface12989d ago

People like quality games and those are all quality.

Saying it wont appeal to as many people is tru, but I like all of those games and will play AW.

As a matter of fact, I bet that MOST of the people who play AW have played halo or gears.

The only kind of games I wont play are bad ones.

gaffyh2988d ago

Well Halo and Gears crowd are 10 million+ and 5 million+ respectively. I don't see all of those 5-10 million gamers liking Alan Wake. I can see ~2 million of them liking it, but that still leaves about 80% that probably wouldn't like it.

It's an opinion, I wrote "I don't see it appealing..." not "It won't appeal." Obviously I love Gears and I still like AW, so there will be people like this.

poopface12989d ago

I wonder if Ill like it

tiamat52989d ago

Why do people say that nonsense whenever they have an argument about a game."Anyone who doesn't like this gane isn't a real gamer". That is one of the most childish things I have heard this generation. Alan Wake is a good game with the same flaws that a game that has been in production for a long time. Other games surpass it and do what it was supposed to do better, so by the time it comes out it usually looks dated or not as impressive as it did before. Just because i own a PS3 and don't jump to praise it to high heaven and notice it's flaws unlike a fanboy who tries to pretend that they aren't there don't make me any less of a gamer.

yakuzakazuya2989d ago

AW would've been amazing if it came out in 2007. Three years later the industry's standards have risen considerably especially in production value and level of polish in games like ME2, U2, GOW3, etc.

Only the most die-hard AW supporter will not be bothered by its low-res, blurry textures. Some of those textures (especially in interior in-door areas) belong to PS2/Wii graphics. It is painfully noticeable.

clarkjudo2989d ago

Remedy has stated that they will have a DLC update for the cinematic/graphics of the game.

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