Bungie's New Game Will Be Different

The news that Bungie had signed on with Activision came as a surprise to everyone, particularly in the wake of the Activision/Infinity Ward employee drama. Though Bungie may now be focusing on the last leg of marketing and development for Halo: Reach, most are more curious to see what their next game will be. It's hard not to imagine Activision taking advantage of their reputation by hoping they design a game within the family of 'Call of Duty Style' shooters, but knowing how hard they have worked to break away as a development studio (and how their agreement specifically states they will maintain the rights to what they make) I think we're looking at a different future for Bungie.

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kaveti66162959d ago

I read that whole article and realized it could all be pared down to a single paragraph.

It wasn't even persuasive and provided no evidence for the claim that Bungie would do something different. What the hell?

dangert122959d ago

well yeah it can't be halo duur

but did't sony say its halo on steds how is that different and if that was the truth why did't sony buy the rights they would finally have the halo killer they wanted exclusivly 2