Ten of the worst videogame tattoos ever.

AllAboutTheGames presents ten of the worst videogame tattoos ever.

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Chug2958d ago

I think the tattoos are the least of their worries.

mastiffchild2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

That's a bit tight, fella! Anyway, I'm constantly relieved I've never given into any of my urges to show affiliation/love/Samus obsession in tatoo form when I was a little younger. I think that tats are fine but not for everyone and these days people seem to think they're a short cut to being cool and individual when, in reality, because SO MANY clueless folk already had that same thought the complete opposite is true.

So, I'd think about why you want any tat that comes to mind and unless it's for the right reasons(i.e you feel THAT strongly about something that marking yourself seems the natural next step and you AREN'T doing it thinking in any way about how other people will react to you and your new tatoo-don't do it thinking you'll be individual or cool because chances are you won't be and someone else, usually not a very pretty someone else, will already have done the exact same thing and have the exact same tat)just don't do it.

Also, I know one guy who got a DS2 done on his calf when he was drunk. He went in with a tiny photo of sadi controller that the tatooist couldn't see to read the writing on. So, he drunkenl;y told the guy what the blue letteriong aid but as, apparently, he was either too drunk to care/remember or the tat guy was evil he's now got a splodgy controller with "Jewel Shox2" written on it in the wrong place. I guess it could be down to a language barrier as the guy got this done in, IIRC, Thailand but it goes to show that tats, and esp getting them when a little drunk to numb any pain, isn't always the best idea even IF you're positive what you want and why you want it.

Doesn't anyone else think the girl with the life bars across her cleavage just had that done in felt tip? It doesn't look like a tat to me and the colouring just looks like felt tips and the shine looks like hairspray to stop it running. Seriously, no one would have that done, would they? Then again I also know SIX girls who have effin BARCODES on their ankles or wrists. IDK if they were subverting the commonly held view that tats are for the individuals among us and by using a symbol of mass consumption they were being hilariously ironcic and all but the end result is the most ugly and unoriginal body markings in history. Tatoos are a dangerous thing to hanker after, in my book.

Corrwin2958d ago

Job interviews go with some of these

BeaArthur2958d ago

As long as they are interviewing at Hot Topic they are all good.

SaiyanFury2958d ago

Interesting. I have a tattoo from the logo of Strider 2 from the original PS on my left arm. Homage to my love of Strider Hiryu.

Bathyj2958d ago

Thats funny, I just mentioned Strider the other day in the article about what franchise should Capcom ressurect. Strider was an early hit, even before SFII.

I guess I should give you a bubble for the tat.

SaiyanFury2958d ago

Haha thanks dude. Yeah, I grew up a huge Strider fan on the Genesis. I actually bought the game some months back off of eBay for like 12 bucks, box and all. :)

Jaybad542958d ago

How drunk would you have to be to get any of those done?

Mc Fadge2958d ago

He's an idiot for calling #7 a fatty.

K-Tuck2958d ago

and I would also add that the author is kind of a dick in general.

boodybandit2958d ago

That girl is anything but fat.

mastiffchild2958d ago

Yeah, he went too far and I doubt she's overweight myself but, in fairness, she does look to be trying a little hard to suck the tummy in! As a bit of a paunchmaster myself(very bad look when the rest of you is skinny to have your little bump!)I can spot a couple of the telltale signs of trying a littl too much to hide the little bit of tubbiness most of us accrue!

Whatever, though, calling people this size fat is a bit silly-there's no way there's any problem with her weight(unless, naturally, she's made of lead or something). Not very responsible.

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