Exclusive: Q1 Sales Analysis Illuminates Hardware

Following his analysis of 2010's first-quarter U.S. retail game sales, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at hardware -- from normalizing Wii volume to the effect of price cuts and beyond.

Gamasutra: We recently looked back at the best-selling videogame software at U.S. retail for the first quarter of 2010, according to the estimates reported by the NPD Group. While Nintendo's software continues to dominate the charts, we noted a rise in the software fortunes of Sony's PS3 compared to 2009.

Today we look at hardware unit sales and the revenue fortunes of the industry over the past few years. As before, we are only considering the first quarter figures from each year in each comparison.

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kaveti66162991d ago

The way the Wii is dominating should have shut up the 360/PS3 fanboys about this "console war." But both sides seem satisfied with arguing over 2nd place. Both consoles have reached a point of success where no matter what happens, they are going to be receiving the full support of all third party developers, and they both are guaranteed to have successors. I just don't see the point in the arguments now over which console is better. All this fanboyism serves to do is detract from the appreciation for games on both consoles. Heavy Rain gets bashed for not have a 90+ metascore, and so does Alan Wake.

And then both sides say things like, "But you see, us 360(or PS3) gamers never said X game was going to be the greatest thing ever. But the 360(or PS3) fans were saying that Y game was going to be a masterpiece." Hence, they use that as justification for d!cking around on the internet and annoying the hell out of people who just want to talk about games being good.

I have to admit I have been falling for this crap for too long. Just five minutes ago or so I posted a comment bashing Killzone 2 just to defend Reach. And I feel like a d!ck about that. If we could all just not compare games and just appreciate them for what they are, this site might be a better place.

4Sh0w2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I find myself responding to alot of the one sided negative arguements directed towards 360 on this site, when really I own both and all the *best games they both have to offer, but I am admittedly turned off more so by the ps3 crowd on this site which causes me to lean more to 360 news. Anyways I think their both great consoles, I enjoy any reasonable critcism of either but at the end of the day theres just waaaay to many fanboys more interested in the "console war" vs the health of gaming industry.

On topic, the wii has literally ran away with the 1st place spot and left the "console warriors" reduced to arguing over #2, but even still ALL the consoles have healthy sales and will continue to do fine this gen, nothing like the failure of the Dreamcast or low sales of the original xbox is going to happen so we all should be thankful= let the companies keep fighting their own war, we the citizens will reap the benefits= a huge amount of great games to play.

bootsielon2991d ago

You focus too much on what fanboys say.

thehitman2991d ago

No1 cares about the wii, there arent even Wii fanboys just to be fair. But ya there is a little bit TOO much comparison between games and criticm for games that dont get a 90+ even though 85+ is just as fine of a game.

Trroy2991d ago

...only about 80 million consoles have been sold thusfar this gen, as far as core gamers are concerned. 70M PS3s and 360s, and about 10M Wiis. The rest of the Wiis are owned by the Blue Ocean, who don't really matter to the gaming community, because they don't share the same interests. The attach rates of core games on the Wii go a long way to demonstrate that this is, indeed, the case.

I don't mean to offend Nintendo fans, but including the Wii in the "console war", on a site that discusses serious gaming, is similar to including billiards tables. Honestly, if you include a SD console like the Wii, you have to include the still-living PS2 in the "console war" as well. It's still fighting, and selling -- heck it outsold the 360 and PS3 combined for the first two years of the 360s existance.

moparful992991d ago

You have hit on something important... Although the ps2 is technicaly a last gen console sony is still producing, pushing and, advertising the ps2 therefore it is still relevant in this argument. Nintendo is only enjoying this sucess due to the casual crowd's love afair with the wii and its very off beat games. Sony and microsoft have been fighting a brutal and bloody conflict for the right to the hardcore crowd's dollar. Up till this point it has been akin to the trenches of WWI. Heavy casualties, costly, drawn out and still no clear advantage for either. So sony and microsoft have taken a page out of general fils amiee battle plan.. Motion controls and games to suit in an attempt at taking some of the casual market from nintendo.. very risky but the rewards could be huge... One thing is clear, this generation is far from over...

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ExgamerLegends22991d ago

I still dont see how ppl think the Wii is competing. I'm not here to try and rain on Nintendo's outstanding success but when your flagship franchise is a fitness "game" it's really hard to argue that youre in serious competition. And again I'm not saying that to dis Nintendo but its pretty obvious they have no interest in competing with MS or Sony when they have there own "free-game" audience. Even when Move and Natal hits market they wont be in direct competition with Nintendo. To me its like saying "Cambel's chicken soup is outselling playstation and xbox" to which I'd respond, "what does that have to do with gaming?"

4Sh0w2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Sony and microsoft KNOW that they are definitely competing with Nintendo's wii. Sure they publicly over-look wii in public statements about sales but after you've been beaten for so long it just makes sense to focus elsewhere. Yes the wii's target demographic is for the most part different from that of Sony and Microsoft but give Nintendo credit for figuring out HOW to bring in NEW GAMERS. Gamers who might have otherwise *reluctantly brought a ps3 or 360 for their occasional desire to play 1 or 2 casual games had it NOT been for the wii hitting the market, which is why I don't think the majority of these kind of folks are going to buy a ps move or Natal= they don't care about HD graphics and they don't play games often enough to need both a wii and either a PS Move or Natal too. Also the only reason people are so quick to discount the wii as competition, is because their favorite console doesn't sell on par, its just convenient to say "well its not a HD console", yet its still a home gaming console platform, one look at the Christmas sales report when 360 was on top of the wii in the US and the slim launch sales in Japan and you'll notice both camps(including public statements from both companies) were touting how each respective console was beating ALL consoles. The fact that Nintendo is smart enough to capatilize on their platforms features with a "fitness game" does not rule them out of the console gaming discussion since they also have some highly rated games that sold extremely well too. Thats almost like saying ps3 should be counted in the discusion if bluray adoption goes through the roof suddenly with tons of people picking up Avatar, and other bluray movies along with a ps3.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

you're making good use of the kakashi's magenkyo to see through all the BS!

But I agree with @4Sh0w too....

kaveti66162991d ago

The Wii has other games besides Wii fit. The first party titles for the Wii are the titles we've playing for years like Super Mario Brothers, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, SMG2, Metroid, Zelda, No More Heroes, and so on.

As far as being competition, you could argue that very few people decide between purchasing a 360 or a Wii or between a PS3 or a Wii. However, both the 360 and the PS3 have proven that they are in it for the long haul, so true games will only decide which one to purchase first.

I have both now so it's in my best interest as a gamer that both the 360 and PS3 do very well. So I basically have, through my purchases, made myself an unbiased gamer. Single console owners are prone to becoming fanboys because it's in their best interest for the console they own to do well and the console they don't own to fail so that they can feel better about their purchase decision. This is why I usually say that fanboys aren't really passionate gamers so much as they are bitter consumers. They approach gaming from a consumer standpoint, with the only thing on their mind being that their purchase was right. That's why fanboys are really pathetic. They should just create their own site called News 4 Consumers and leave the rest of us alone.

cpt_kaos2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Not all single console owners are prone to become fanboys.

Some like myself after being burned enough choose to become one only console owner.

Thx to my wife I now have 2 current gen consoles when she purchased the WII.

Drac2991d ago

The other thing is when the Wii2 comes out how many of those 1st time console purchasers will upgrade there Wii to a Wii2?

I know a few people who haven't bothered to upgrade yet due to being happy with there PS2.

jack_burt0n2991d ago

In my opinion hardly any at all, if it had a bluray drive "maybe" but it wont, 3d is too expensive the only hope nintendo has is revisions and gradual replacement like the DS lifecycle a wii 2 would not happen.

eagle212991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Stop whining, Nintendo is number freakin' 1 with 71 million SOLD. PS3 and 360 are competing for second place until something drastic changes. And judging from everyone's line-ups, nothing too drastic will change. Sony will outsell MS yet agian worldwide in 2010.

I can't wait to see an athlete that's losing tell his opponent, "dude you don't even compete with me" cause he is getting his behind :)

RageAgainstTheMShine2991d ago

Which can be called a more successful?

71 millions of Toyota cars sold


34 million BMW cars sold?

asdr3wsfas2991d ago

your are implicitly comparing the profts of toyotas and bmws. bmws make money as luxury items. try that with wii and any other console and see how it goes.

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''It's everything about teh salez!!''

FlipMode2991d ago

I wish we would look at WW instead of just US sales.

saimcheeda2991d ago

only US is being considered!

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