GameZone: Angry Birds Review

GameZone's James Pikover writes,

"The best part of Angry Birds, however, isn’t just that it’s inexpensive and offers hours upon hours of fun and puzzle-solving - it’s that the game is still being built, and that your $1 investment will continue to pay off as more and more levels become available. As of this writing, five worlds with 21 levels, and a sixth with 15 levels, are open for owners to play. That’s a total of 120 levels, and the ease-of-mind that more are coming. "

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athmaus2751d ago

I have never heard of this game before...thx for the info :)

AlexC2750d ago

I've already sunk way too many hours into this game... and it was totally worth it.

Azule612750d ago

Nice, I'll have to check this game out.

barefootgamer2750d ago

Looks interesting but I don't own an iPhone.

kimvidard2750d ago

wow, interesting, ah crap, on iPhone, well, nevermind then.

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