Ugly Plumber Syndrome

What is Ugly Plumber Syndrome, you ask, and is it fatal? Ugly Plumber Syndrome is a debilitating condition whereby the female characters in video games are shapely and attractive and all-around pleasant to look at, whereas the male characters are...not. It is not fatal, but it does appear chronic. Ever since the Nintendo Corporation brought us that first wonderful Mario game we have suffered silently, watching despondently as our brothers gleefully rescued the comely Princess Peach, while the only eye candy we were offered consisted of ugly plumbers. Amy Nelson at GoozerNation reports on the disparities between male and female characters.

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averyzoe2932d ago

You guys get some sweet looking video game babes, but what's out there for the ladeez? I can name all kinds of attractive heroines, but most of the heroes are heavy on the ugly. Where's the attractive male characters?