PushSquare: Anarchy: Rush Hour on Playstation 3 Review

PushSquare: "Anarchy: Rush Hour tries hard to be the sum of one too many popular arcade racers, and as such loses a chunk of its own identity. But hidden beneath the game’s meandering plot of stolen girlfriends and souped up supercars is a decent, if unoriginal, racing experience. And at £5/$8 a pop, it’s hard to really deny the value in Gaijin Entertainment’s downloadable racer."

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playstation_clan2986d ago

what do you expect? a AAA game like forza or GT5

and who uses a ranking system of 4? only 5s and 10s are allowed to be taken seriously

madpuppy2986d ago

was a blatant rip off of burnout 3, I would have paid good money for a game that had the crash competitions.