Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

As the release date to the Super Mario Galaxy 2, many fans have been waiting to hear about what pre-order bonuses will be available. As listed at, fans who pre-order the game will be receiving a Limited Edition Money Tin! Follow for screens!

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sumo3112718d ago

Sweet, I think I might actually pre-order just for the money tin lol

ConnorSmith2718d ago

I most definitely will! Who can resist a money tin!?

sonnyz2718d ago

I was just telling my wife that I need a new money tin. My old one is worn from being used so much.

Valay2718d ago

Too bad this isn't coming to North America.

ConnorSmith2718d ago

Would be awesome if it did, ya ever know

GCO Gamer2718d ago

Damn it! I don't live in the UK, but... who am I kidding... it's a money tin!

ConnorSmith2718d ago

HAha, I know, hard to resist eh? (Canadian, so cut me some slack here)

eagle212718d ago

Hey it's free gift and limited to only Europe, so it may be worth money in the future. :)

SuperStrokey11232718d ago

I have a copy preordered at bestbuy here in canada, hope we get something good here as well.

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